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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1953 Topps Dixie Howell

Dang, '53s look fantastic with full bleed borders. Time to get out the scissors...

This is sadly the last of the '53s I got from the card show. Ok, so it's slightly mutilated but it's still purdy and it's a Brooklyn Dodger which is the only good kind of Dodger and it's a guy named Dixie which you just don't see nowadays. Back in 1953 you saw it a lot, basically if you were born anywhere south of New Jersey you were eligible for the Dixie nick. There are actually two Dixie Howells from Kentucky who played at the same time in the '50s. Note that the picture used with this Dixie Howell is also a full-bleed 1953 Topps card. This card is not so crummy anymore, eh?

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Hackenbush said...

His real first name is Homer which makes it doubly good.