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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Kid Who Could - Page 11

It's been about eight years since I posted one of these so here you go:


host baseball rules trivia night...

This page is so ungodly boring, that the artists had to spice it up with the most basic of comic book tricks:




Moe Howard and mullet boy answer Tony's dry boring horrible baseball rulebook questions perfectly until...

Whaaaa?? Spastic weirdo bug eyed shrimp boy with the ugly hat knows something about baseball THAT I DONT??? This shakes Peter (is it Peter? or Andrew? I've totally forgotten the names of these goobers in my boredom) to his core. Oh noes! A small kid with no natural skills who doesn't have the natural talent of Pia Zadora on the ballfield learns the rulebook backwards and forwards in order to gain a slight edge! UNPOSSIBLE! It's not like 99% of all MLB managers haven't pulled the exact same trick.

Nonetheless, Andrew's (or it is Peter?) entire worldview is shattered in an instant. At least that cameraman skulking in the background can't film his shame and put it on the YooToobs. Andreter can now either accept that the small kid might actually know his stuff and let him play, or flip his shit and kill the entire St. Louis Cardinals active roster with naught but his bare hands and gnashing, foaming teeth. Which will happen? This is the early '90s, so the latter option in a comic book expressly targeted toward children is not entirely out of the question! Which will it be???

Find out in the next thrilling episode of...


Right here! Whenever I get around to uploading the rest of the scans from the comic!

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