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Friday, August 20, 2010

2009 Topps Heritage High Series Box Break - Part 2: Packs 1-8

Here's packs 1-8 of the Heritage High box. I've got all your guesses for my SAT exam just about scored, I'm just trying to figure out how to rule one one of the answers. I'll announce the winner this weekend.

Pack 1

561 Derek Lowe
532 CJ Wilson
514 Anthony Swarzak RC
700 Huston Street SP
517 Michael Saunders RC
584 Julio Lugo

D-Lowe starts off the box along with a short print. Amazingly there were no dupes among my SPs even though I had a few already.

Pack 2

652 Tyler Greene RC
613 Josh Bard
596 Jason Marquis
CC-RH Ryan Howard Bat
645 Mike Sweeney

Second pack reveals the hit. Luckily we have the Tommy Hanson SP to provide further suspense. Lots of people guessed a relic would be the hit, but no one picked Ryan Howard.  I could have done much worse than this I suppose.

Pack 3

525 Braden Looper
640 Melky Cabrera
685 Sean West RC
CHR199 Chris Tillman RC Chrome 1569/1960
508 Alex Cora
663 Wilkin Ramirez RC

Melky! I just don't get the hate towards the Melk man. These guys want to deport him. To North Korea. Wilkin Ramirez is also a newly acquired Brave.

Pack 4

537 Chris Gimenez RC
556 David Hernandez RC
693 Chris Coghlan RC SP
CHR150 Elvis Andrus RC Chrome Refractor 123/560
579 George Sherrill
536 Marc Rzepczynski RC

An SP and Chrome refractor in the same pack, not bad. Not bad at all.

Pack 5

590 Jarrett Hoffpauir RC
617 Julio Borbon RC
638 Matt Maloney RC
TN-3 Brooks Robinson & Adrian Beltre Then and Now
678 Ryan Spilborghs
527 Brandon Wood

Brooksie and Beltre. They don't really seem to be the same kind of player to me. High number Then & Nows can have some odd pairings.

Pack 6

656 Orlando Cabrera
680 Scott Hairston
676 Ryan Perry RC
CHR197 Takashi Saito Chrome 1588/1960
551 Jack Wilson
602 Jesus Guzman RC

Can ya believe I already have this Saito Chrome? I popped it into a package for a Sawx fan today. The lettering on this Chrome card looks like enamel. It's a nifty look.

Pack 7

657 Vin Mazzaro RC
671 Ross Gload
659 Rafael Soriano
RP-07 Gordon Beckham Rookie Performers
639 Scott Kazmir
620  Kanshin Kawakami RC

Beckham insert and two Braves who are no longer with the team. Not bad at all.

Pack 8

616 Juan Uribe
586 JJ Putz
555 David Freese RC
688 Andrew McCutcheon RC SP
592 Cliff Lee
534 Cesar Izturis

McCutcheon is one of the big three short printed rookies along with Beckham and Hanson. Cliff Lee on a Phillies card is mildly amusing. Halladay's up on the Nats 1-0 as I type this so not all that amusing.


Captain Canuck said...

count me in with everyone else wanting to deport Fat Bastard.

AdamE said...

Hard for me to beleive that Saito even got a chrome card. Topps should save them for star players. Sadly I may be the Sox fan you are looking for since I do not yet own it and must.