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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2009 Topps Heritage High Series Box Break - Part: Packs 17-24

Allrighty, let's finish this. As you can see I got Medlen in the box. Did I get the Hanson? Read on through this post full of drivel and find out! Or just cheat and scroll down and look at the pretty pictures. Miss my drivel, see if I care.

Pack 17

629 Lastings Milledge
637 Travis Ishikawa
621 Kevin Correa
705 Kendry Morales SP
583 Garrett Jones
575 Scott Rolen

Dang, the reds look like they are going to take it this year. Braves and reds in the NLCS, baby! It's 1995 all over again!

Pack 18

593 Jason Giambi
535 Chad Qualls
509 Alfredo Aceves
CHR186 Jordan Schafer Chrome #1452/1960
636 Ben Francisco
605 Alex Gonzalez

There must be some kind of disease infecting the Turner Field outfield that is a career-ruiner. Frenchy, McLouth and Schafer all came down with a terminal case. Someone move J-Hey to second base, quick!

Pack 19

601 Jerry Hairston Jr.
644 Mike Hampton
672 Aubrey Huff
CHR155 Huston Street Chrome #1443/0960
618 Jarrod Washburn
634 Mark Loretta

Huston Street saved the game for the Rockies last night against the Braves. If only he had pitched like Hampy up in Colorado...

Pack 20

529 Brent Cecil RC
552 Daniel Schlereth RC
719 Ricky Romero RC SP
CHR134 JA Happ RC Chrome Refractor 176/560
598 Jeff Baker
574 Gabe Kapler

HAPP SHIIIIIIINY..... I don't really know what to do with the high series Chrome. I should probably wait for a Phillies and Astros fan to make an offer for it.

Pack 21

662 Ramon Ramirez
325 Kris Medlen RC
594 Jason Jaramillo RC
RP-02 Tommy Hanson Rookie Performers
571  Francisco Cervelli RC
544 Coco Crisp

Hanson! The wrong one! I felt like Red Leader when I pulled this card. "Negative. It didn't go in. It only impacted on the surface" SO CLOSE

Pack 22:

540 Clay Zavada RC
520 Bobby Scales RC
679 Scott Downs
716 Orlando Hudson SP
516 Bartolo Colon
528 Aaron Bates RC

What is with all the Orlando Hudsons?!?

Pack 23

607 John Mayberry Jr. RC
668 Xavier Paul RC
647 Mitch Jones RC
FB-03 Randy Johnson Flashback
513 Andruw Jones
519 Bud Norris RC

Big Unit, Andruw Jones and a slopload of rookies. I'm still slightly miffed the Braves traded Crash Davis to Pittsburgh.

Last chance for a Hanson SP!

Pack 24

502 Mat Latos RC
568 Evereth Cabrera RC
609 Johnny Gomes
686 Aaron Hill SP
612 Jose Contreras
595 Jason Kubel
WRONG YOUNG STAR PITCHER! Making this twice as painful is that I got an extra SP in the box and it was fantasy bust Aaron Hill. Oh sadness. I've mentioned it before but the cap on Mat's head just does not look right at all. I get that the flat bill on a cap is all the fashion among the cool kids (just see Kris Medlen up top) But this... this just doesn't look normal. If I didn't know better, I would swear it's a bad 70's airbrush job.

That's the box, I'll do a wrap up of both boxes and try to post the winner of the SAT contest tonight. Maybe.


Thorzul said...

If the Hanson was a Red Leader pull, what do you think would qualify as a "Porkins Pull?"

dayf said...

Bartolo Colon, obviously.