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Monday, August 23, 2010

2009 Topps Heritage High Series Box Break - Part 3: Packs 9-16

As you can tell, I blogged not even a little bit this weekend. I'll try to knock out this box today. Here's the box toppers and the Mojo if you missed it.

Pack 9

581 Gregg Zaun
542 Clayton Richard
506 Adam Kennedy
CHR183 David Hernandez Chrome 1508/1960
670 Ross Detwiler
569 Alex Rios

Is David Hernandez any good? The first page of results on Google are clogged up with stuff about a stripper who was on American Idol. Maybe they're the same person?

Pack 10

565 Endy Chavez
589 Jamey Carroll
626 Tim Redding
FB-08 Mariano Rivera Flashback
504 Takashi Saito
567 Eric Hinske

Anyone else have the feeling that as we watch Trevor Hoffman struggle mightily trying to get save #600 for the Brewers, that Mo is just going to blow right by him in a year or two anyway? Kinda like Steve Carlton and Nolan Ryan with the strikeout record.

PAck 11

666 Rich Hill
655 Omir Santos RC
628 Landon Powell RC
711 Trevor Cahill RC SP
545 Neftali Feliz RC
674 Ryan Church

Ok, the Teixeira trade was a disaster. Steven Marek might be in the bullpen next year at least.

Pack 12

664 Randy Wells
683 Bill Hall
503 Aaron Poreda RC
619 Justin Masterson
538 Chris Jakubauskas RC
557 David Huff RC

I can't think of anything to say about these guys. The only reason I chose Justin is I liked the way the bottom strip looked with the black and red letters on yellow. Cheif Wahoo seems to like it too.

Pack 13

651 Nick Green
501 Shane Robinson RC
550 Daniel Bard RC
695 Elvis Andrus RC SP
608 Jon Garland
649 Ty Wigginton

Oh dear God the Teixeira trade was awful awful. At least JD Drew got our asses to the playoffs.

Pack 14

582 Homer Bailey
614 Josh Outman
641 Micah Hoffpauir
CHR127 Trevor Crowe RC Chrome 1572/1960
681 Scott Olsen
599 Jeff Francoeur

Now that he's no longer the Golden Child, I can finally admit that Jeff Francoeur's buck teeth have always reminded me of the Dopefish.

Pack 15:

547 Craig Stammen RC
587 JP Howell
622 Kevin Gregg
CHR169 Orlando Hudson Chrome 1509/1960
623 Kevin Millar
563 Pedro Martinez

Why does no one want to pick up Pedro this year? And why do I attract Orlando Hudson cards like I'm an O-Dog magnet?

Pack 16

603 Jody Gerut
643 Mike Carp RC
507 John Smoltz
TN-10 Roger Maris & Torii Hunter Then and Now
548 Christian Guzman
521 Nick Evans

Behold: Warren Spahn in a Giants uniform. Sad. So sad. 


madding said...

At least Smoltz went out pitching decently with the Cardinals instead of shittily with the Red Sox. Shittily?

Cardsplitter said...

Commander Keen F&^king rules.