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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nebulous Night Owl

I sent Night Owl some stuff and he sent me something back. That's not terribly surprising, we seem to swap hated Dodgers for beloved Braves and vice versa rather often. The swap started out as a 'Neither one of us is collecting the National Chicle set so I'll give you all my Dodger Chicles for all your Braves' and ended up including relics and weirdness and whatnot. What Night Owl didn't realize was that I was about to steal from him at the same time I was offering treats.

Night Owl does this thing called "The Nebulous 9" where he lists the top 9 cards he's looking for right at the moment. This is a concept I've seen on some other blogs, but I think Night Owl was one of the first - if not the first - to do it. Recently I had decided what the hell, let's swipe Owlie's schtick and call it the Nihilistic 9 or Narcoleptic 9 or the Nincompoop 9 or something equally ridiculous so as to more closely fit the tone of this blog. This of course means I needed to get organized enough to figure out what my top 9 cards actually were so a couple of weeks after resolving to plagiarize, I had a list with about 6 or seven cards on it. Night Owl must have gotten wind of my schemes because he wrecked what little progress I had made by sending me three cards off my partial list. Here they is:

Ah, the infamous ChippeRuth is finally mine, all mine! The card that caused a giant kerfuffle all over teh interwebs resulting in many arguments, hurt feelings and lifetime grudges. I'm pretty sure Paul Lempa has a voodoo doll of me now. He doesn't poke it with pins or anything, he just drops lots of work on it daily, crushing it utterly. If not him, SOMEONE has that doll, I'm sure of it. On the bright side, This is a great looking card of Babe Ruth Chipper Jones and the whole experience has taught me to simply ignore the constant public relations internet drama that occurs seemingly daily in this hobby. Now, I just need to get this card signed by Chipper and my life's work shall be complete.

I have pulled 193 cards of managers from 2010 Heritage and NOT ONE BLOODY BOBBY. It was starting to mess with my fragile psyche. Night Owl may have postponed my inevitable break with reality by sending this card.

Topps has a habit of putting many of the players who switched teams in the offseason into the short prints. Troy gets the short print treatment here. The other Braves short print in Nate McLouth. Sadly, it looks like Troy has caught McLouth disease, as he has been hitting way under Mendoza with no homers in the past month. I'm starting to think there is a hitting demon haunting the Braves and infecting at least one player on th 25 man active roster at any given time. Frenchy stinks, then Chipper stinks, then McLouth stinks, then Yunel stinks, now Troy stinks.  Someone get a damn exorcist before it  gets to Heyward!

Nice schtuff from Owlie here, if you're out there (and I know you are) thanks!

still gonna swipe your list thing


TJ said...

Funny that you have the ChipperRuth after all that. I have the Nate McLouth if you wnat it.

Captain Canuck said...

#1 I've been planning on swiping that list thingie for awhile now... just too lazy/busy to do it...

#2 i think that hitting demon might have the initials T.P.

just sayin'

night owl said...

Swipe away. I wasn't the first anyway.

By the way, I pulled a black-border mini Chipper yesterday.

zman40 said...

Good luck on getting it signed and I can't wait to see it!