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Friday, August 27, 2010

Topps Gridiron Giveaway

Here's a taste to hold you over while I get my 2010 Topps Football post together. I picked up a few packs yesterday and was fortunate enough to snag a Code Card with Dan Marino on the front:

The Transmogrifier for football is more or less the same, just at a different address:

The URL listed on the card immediately resolves to http://football.toppscards.com/ but that's an issue for the Topps marketers and web admins to sort out. We collectors get to the same place either way. The page is set up exactly like the Baseball Transmogrifier so if you've redeemed codes there, you'll have no problem. Your baseball login works here so there's no registering twice.

The recently redeemed cards list shows a mix of new garbage, junk wax garbage and one vintage card thrown in. Here's my code:

Ha! Ha! You thieves just tried to steal me code, but it has already been redeemed! Wanna see what I got? You have no choice! I'm showing it anyway!

'88 Ozzie! Sure, it's from the junkwax era, but 1988 had a nice looking design and you can't go wrong with Ozzie Newsome. I am happy with my first redemption. That doesn't mean I won't try to flip the thing.

This is the first time I've tried a trade since Topps boosted the search function. Player name is still there obviously, but they've upped the Year search to a range instead of a single year. You can also now search by team and position. Team search works well, and there are also a few WLAF teams sprinkled in there from a subset in 2000 Topps. Unless you are searching for a quarterback don't bother with the position search. A search for Linebacker netted about 6 cards, none of which were Jessie Tuggle. To find him, you need to use Middle Linebacker. Just search by team or name unless you really want to collect every single Defensive Half Back card Topps ever put out. US Senator is also listed as a position for some reason. Tackling dummies, maybe? Dummies at any rate.

I really wanted to trade Ozzie for a 1990 Jessie Tuggle rookie, but none were to be found. This is probably going to end up like my Baseball Transmogrifier 1989 Mark Lemke debacle. I have literally offered up every single card in my online collection for that damn card, but there is only one out there and the guy who has it probably hasn't logged on since March. I wanted to make a trade offer for something so I chose another 1990 rookie:

Prime Time! Let's see how fast this gets rejected. Maybe a Browns fan picked up Deion. If you want to throw offers my way for Ozzie feel free, I'll try to check my trades daily so I can REJECT them utterly. Gotta have mah Deion.


Anonymous said...

What if I offered you a Sylvester Stamps rookie?

I don't have a Sylvester Stamps to offer, I'm just curious.

dayf said...

Any reasonable offer would be considered. Or unreasonable, in the case of Sylvester Stamps. (What is his rookie year, anyway??)

Anonymous said...

No idea. I just remember having his '85 card many years ago. It was one of my favorite cards. Very iconic.

Play at the Plate said...

Dayf, I made about 25 offers for the Mark Lemke, some with some older vintage cards and got no reponse. I was going to trade it to you, but no luck! Time to pick up a few packs of football to unlock some junk.