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Sunday, August 1, 2010

1953 Topps Elroy Face

When I went to the card show my #1 priority was to get as many inexpensive 1953 Topps short prints as I could manage. There were quite a few in the bargain bin for $5 or less the last time they were in town so I hoped to snag a few. Unfortunately the cheap ones were mostly gone, replaced by better looking but more expensive examples. I made the call to pick up as many cheapo fillers as I could this go around and save the pricey ones  for later. Roy here had two different versions of his card. A G/VG copy that retailed at 25 clams, or this one with slight alterations for a fifth of the price. This one has more character anyway. I like how Roy is looking suspiciously towards the now-missing border wondering what the hell happened over there.

That has to be the best cartoon in the entire set.


Collective Troll said...

AMAZINGLY AWESOME CARD!!! Keep me in mind if you ever decide to upgrade that gem cuz I want it! Puddin head, ha!

ernest of canada said...

i wonder where the original drawing of the puddin' head cartoon is? topps vault? private collection? that is a modern masterpiece.