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Friday, August 20, 2010

Hanson MLB Logo Promo

I didn't even realize Topps was doing this promo this year:

Apparently you could get these cards each week from the local card shop free with purchase of some packs. They are actually fairly attractive if you ignore the in-your-face MLB logo. That logo is there for a reason - it's to commemorate Topps' despicable monopoly new exclusive license with MLB Properties as sole manufacturer of licensed baseball cards. Sez so right on the back: " This card of Tommy Hanson has been specially created to  celebrate the exclusive partnership between Topps and Major League Baseball". Well, at least something good came out of it. The thing I don't understand is that it says onthe back to "visit your HTA store each week for a new card" but there's 50 cards in the set. This thing will drag out until next year at that rate. I'm at least 15 weeks behind so I'll pass on this one. The Hanson shore is purdy though.

In other marketing news, The Topps Transmogrifier will be spitting out football cards this autumn. Topps will probably add a super special Tim Tebow card around week 11 to commemorate his NFL debut in the fourth quarter to take a knee at the end of a blowout game against the Chiefs. 


cynicalbuddha said...

Both card shops here in Anchorage are doing the promo. One has all the cards up to the week out so if you miss one you can pick it up. He say's it's been slow. I think everyone's gotten enough Topps. But it's nice to pick up a few players for collections. Probably not worth trying to complete the set of free cards since they have, at least right now, no value. But if it's true that almost no one is picking these up maybe they will be.

PunkRockPaint said...

My local shop gave me the whole set... Guess I'm special.

Dayf, I'll include it with my trade stack for some of your Padres.