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Friday, August 6, 2010

Bacon Calling

The Collective Troll sent out a package from his group break with the instructions that I had to post one card.



Here are eleven cards from a very large pile of junk wax White Sox I got from the group break.

So why the heck did I choose the White Sox in a group break? Three reasons:
1) Braves were took and I wanted in on the break.
2) The White Sox have been my adopted American League team since I was a kid thanks to Carlton Fisk.
3) I would now have some cards I can send to Steve when we inevitably trade packages again.
When I opened the package and looked through the pile, this card here got me the most excited. Even though Tom played for the Mets and reds, two of my least favorite teams growing up, I've always been a fan of Seaver. Then I looked through Steve's wantlists and wouldn't ya know, this card is on there. So Tom is heading North, eventually.  (to be honest I think I already have this card anyway)

The rest of the cards are not on the wantlist and therefore MINE ALL MINE. Unless I can flip them to another White Sox fan. Is there more than one of them on the interwebs? This card shall not be flipped. Pacific Legends was a kickass set back in the day and is probably one of the reasons why my collecting is still grounded in vintage stuff even though I lived through the Golden Age of NEW AND SHINY Junkwax. I don't have a heck of a lot of this series of Legends and I could never give up a knuckleballer anyway. 

I went card crazy in 1991 and I probably have more '91 Score than any other brand from that year. I liked this set so much I bought a truckload from packs and then went out and bought the factory set. Current manager Ozzie about to beat out an infield single on this card.

Man, this card was on fire back in '92. I must be jaded because I'm just not seeing the fantasticness of this card any more. It's nice... but we all lost our minds over it.

Pudge!!! I must have a dozen of this card. Odd how the Premier version of O-Pee-Chee is dirt common while I hardly ever see the actual base set.

Best Upper Deck set ever. Here's another knuckleballer and you can get a good look at the grip on this one. What's up with the throwback hat with the contemprary uniform though?

No-hit hurler Wilson Alvarez shows off a grip to Napoleon Dynamite. Gosh.

Julio's still playing somewhere, I know it. Wren needs to sign this dude to spell Glaus at first. Julio's knees are younger than Troy's anyway.

Here's a big jump to 2009. Thome's apparently showing off his swing at the county fair.

Man I like this set. I like this set a lot. I need to break down and just buy a box of this stuff. They're cheap as dirt anyway.

Oh lookie here, a hit! How do I get hits without even trying. Q-man's playing pretty well this year from what I've heard.

A few unopened packs were used as filler in the box. I shall open and post one and one only. Choose the pack to be opened wisely. Thanks Troll, I'm slowly rebuilding my Rays file so expect something in the mail one of these months.


Don said...

Open the Topps Big. I want to see what lies behind the HOFer.

AdamE said...

That fun pack should be fun.

I know that was horrible...

Bo said...

I would take "fun, cool, action-filled cards" over "picture cards" or "nba basketball card". Fun Pack!

Collective Troll said...

You are a golden god my friend! I had to wake my wife up to show her Bacon Calling, I love it!!! Like Adam said, the fun pack is fun... I figured that most of your cards would head to Steve eventually, but I do appreciate your awesome post... Gonna have Bacon Calling in my head all day long!

Hackenbush said...

I need some fun! Fun Pack!

madding said...

Value added?! Gimme the basketball pack thing.

ernest of canada said...

i'm thinking go Big!

BA Benny said...

Fun Pack

Patsearcher said...

Fun pack!

Bay Rat North West said...

I am announcing that I will be boycotting you crappy little blog. Th reason? Simple. It's Reds. Not reds. Any chid knows this. You seem to be able to capitalize that damn NY team but you can't find a cap lock for the R .

You are a bad man. Bad man.

When you spell Reds correctly let me know since I will not be reading you any more.

And open the Big. For the Big RED Machine!