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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2009 Topps Heritage High Series Box Break - Part 1: Box Toppers and detritus

Obak wasn't the only box I ripped. Time to show off the 2009 Topps Heritage High Series Presented By Topps 2009 Updates And Highlights Because We Are Using A Loophole To Circumvent This Product Around The Licensing Agreement Which Is Why You Are Paying The Same Price As Heritage Proper But Getting Two Cards You Want Replaced By Two Crappy Base Cards From A Set You Already Completed A Month Ago When You Bought Those Jumbo Boxes Of Updates & Highlights And You Still Didn't Even Get A Sketch Card Which Was All You Wanted In The First Place box I picked up because I like the 1960 design and it was cheap as dirt, but still enough to get me free shipping. Oh Yeah, I also wanted the Tommy Hanson Shortprint, but I'm too lazy to go on eBay and pick it up for 5 bucks.

Here's the box toppers. Wait, did he say toppers? That's right, I got me a buyback. First, the strip card:

Let those Youngsters know you have 209 Topps blah blah blah! And then hope their dad comes into buy a box, because the kids don't care no more.

Johnny Gomes and two Padre rookies. The Padres are going to mess up the Braves in the playoffs, I just know it. The season is going too well for something horrific like losing to what everyone thought was the worst team in baseball at the beginning of the season to not happen. That was an awkwardly written sentence but you'll have to excuse me because I am too gripped by Pennant Race Dread to think straight right now.

Ok, here's the good one:

Buyback card! And the winnah is....

Detroit Tigers coaches! Floaty heads! And there's a Hall of Famer on there too!

I basically treat the Topps base cards like garbage in this set, but here's some garbage that caught my eye.

This is such a great looking card. Too bad it's spoiled by a Yankee and a Met.

I desperately want Andruw Jones to be a Hall of Famer one day, but his post-Braves career is a hot mess. I just don't know.

Wilkin Ramirez is the latest member of the Braves' rotating fringe outfielder squad now that Josh Anderson, Brian Barton, Willy Taveras and Gregor Blanco have been run out of town.

Ball on bat. Sqiushes slightly from impact. Nice.

Here's Javy back when he was good. So, who's had the better season, Javy at 9-9 with a 4-something ERA for the best team money can buy, or Melky and Dunn who have actually contributed to the Braves this year? Don't even worry about the top 10 prospect we got either. That's what I thought, ya Wren haters.


Captain Canuck said...

I like Dunn... looks like a good 7th inning guy. Can't be 8th as I'm assuming Venters is our closer next year after Wags hangs 'em up.

And it's only been in the last couple of weeks that Fat Bastard has been contributing anything at all.... mind you, he has Ankiel there to make him look good.

can I just say that it's not Wren anybody hates... it's the god damned cheap assed owners who don't give a mickey fickey about the Braves, teh fans, or baseball....

PunkRockPaint said...

I would love to trade for the Padres-Padres-Gomes Box Topper...

I am pretty sure I owe you a mailing. I'll drop you an email soon.

BA Benny said...

I could use that nasty Met and Yankee card. I have an ugly Braves card I can send.

G_Moses said...

I hate that Topps stamps the buybacks. Like if they just left the buyback alone as it was - nobody would know that you pulled it from a modern pack....

Nice cards though.