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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Really old package from Madding Pt. 1

One of the things I wanted to get accomplished this month was to show off some cards from packages I received ages ago. I haven't done well so far, but I've got a couple from my favorite Cards cards dumping ground, Madding, queued up. Here's the first of two package posts, unless of course I find a third he sent me somewhere. 

This card sucks. I can't find Waldo ANYWHERE. I think they may have hid him behind the Topps logo. It's another Chipper added to the collection though which is always good. The back lists a few statisitcal feats for Chipper; 2406 hits, 426 home runs, 1343 RBIs and a .307 average, something that has been done by only 6 other players. Topps got the rbi totals wrong though -  he had 1445 rbis coming into the season. Topps got it right on the base card so I'll let it pass.

Horford is my favorite Hawk and probably in my top three all time favorites behind 'Nique and Doc. Al's cards are somewhat hard to find in these parts. Since I've quit ripping hoops wax with regularity finding Horfords anywhere is a wonderful thing. I know what you're thinking... how can a Bulldog fan like anything from Florida?? Easy, this is basketball, not football. No one cares about Florida basketball in Georgia. Or Georgia basketball for that matter.

A couple of Heritage High number Chromes were added to the package as well:

The Braves are trying to get Diaz to hold down the cleanup spot in the lineup, at least against lefites. Early results are mixed. Of course, they've been trying to find someone - ANYONE - to hold down the cleanup spot all year long. The only two who have come close have been McCann (Who should be batting 5th) and Troy Glaus for about 5 weeks. Good thing the pitching is good.

I've been a huge fan of Medlen since last year and his elbow injury was like a punch in the gut. There's pretty much no chance he will pitch again this year with a torn UCL. I'm not sure if I'd rather avoid surgery or just bite the bullet and get the Tommy John  and be done with it. I'd hate that Kris wouldn't pitch in 2011 but Tommy John worked out pretty well for Tim Hudson. Get well soon Kris!

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