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Monday, August 30, 2010

1982 Fleer Al Hrabosky

Stats on the Back sent me this card quite a while ago. I need to send something his way, but I'm having problems finding the stuff he needs. I wanted to show off this card because in 1982, the Fleer proofreaders were all hitting the weed rather heavily and there were errors galore. Yeah, I know, there were errors all over the 1981 set too, but that year they were on coke to get the set out as quickly as possible. Here's the card:

There are three different versions of this card: all with back variations.

1) The name is misspelled All Hrabosky on the back and poor All is shrunk to 5' 1"
2) The name is correct, but Al is still short
3) everything is correct!

The All version is very scarce, and the short version is harder to get than the correct version.

Which one is it???

You all can call me Al.  There's still a chance for shorty Al...

Yes! version two! Here's the whole back for the stats:

My goodness All played for a long time didn't he? I mean Al.


Chris Mays said...

He played for a long time, and he was fun to watch. The game could use a few more characters like the Mad Hungarian today.

Carolann said...

I have this card. The one that is mispelled with All on the back.