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Friday, August 20, 2010

Just in time for his Braves debut

I discovered to my chagrin yesterday that I had no relic cards of Derrek Lee. My strategy of collecting absolutely everything I could get my hands so I'd have a good card of any player signing with or traded to the Braves immediately at the ready has proven to be a dismal failure. I have a plan B however - Champion Sports Cards in Kennesaw. Went there yesterday, asked for the $5 relic box, Went straight to the L's and voilà. Derrek Lee relic.

Isn't it loverly? Welcome to the Bravos, Derrek!



gritz76 said...

He still looks better in a Cub's jersey!

bailorg said...

I wouldn't be too happy about owning a piece of a freaking Cub jersey, even if the player in question is now a member of your team.

A freaking Cub jersey is still a freaking Cub jersey!

Hackenbush said...

I saw him today and said the same thing to my wife. He looks better in a Cubs uni. Maybe the home version will be better. He went 0-4 today but Marmol sucked, blew a win for poor Ryan Dempster, and the Braves won. If I were Lou Piniella I would have spent the summer fishing in the Gulf.

dc said...

Masterpieces rocks, it really does.

Sir, would you accept one hades mini and one homer mini Ginter in place of the Cronos, which was gone when you checked in, or else we would have saved it for you?

dayf said...

That's cool, Greeks is Greeks and Hades is even a little more sinister than boo-boo thumb.