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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I got schooled

A letter came unexpectedly in the mail...

Unexpected packages usually mean only one thing - BIPPAGE. But this was too thin for a proper Bip. What could it be?


I've just been Old Schooled? What ever does this mean?

1971 Topps J-Hey

That's what it means!

A card celebrating Jason Heyward's home run on his 21st birthday! This kicks eTopps' ass from here to Sunday. If you shall note - The Braves have since doubled their lead against the Phillies since that day in no small part to Heyward's heroics including another three run Bomb last night. Thanks Topher! Go and check out Crackin' Wax for more neat schtuff like this!



night owl said...

Yeah, those are great aren't they?

Guess how he got your addy.

Captain Canuck said...

that is the most perfect baseball card ever created.

and I am unanimous in this.

crackinwax said...

Glad you liked it, sir!

P.s. Thanks for the addy, Owl!