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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Football League Fillers

Calling out for some fantasy football league players interested in a league....


Thoughts And Sox

need players to fill out their leagues. Both have 9 in them now which means we can't draft until we get an even number of teams so go click on those links and beg for an invite.

I will be sending the winner of both leagues one of those small flat rate priority boxes full of football cards to get them the hell out of my house as a prize.

B.A. Benny needs one more player too, but I just signed up for Canuck's and Adam's leagues and I can't take on a third.No box of cards for that league, but Benny linked to another contest at No One's Going To Read This Blog so click and you might yet win some swag.

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Jeremy said...

Thanks for the mention of my contest on your blog.