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Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Frank Zappa day

Ok, so Frank Zappa day was actually August 9th 2007. I'm not three years late, I'm just trying to create a new holiday. It's not like there's a decent holiday in August anyway. So what if such a holiday has no commercial potential, you don't need greeting cards or presents or candy or a gigantic feast with all the family over to sit around in your underwear all day drinking coffee and listening to all six volumes of You Cant Do That on Stage Anymore.

This is also a good time to share a card I got from the Dean of card bloggers, Chris Harris. Back in April, he did a bad, bad thing. Something I still can't bring myself to write about. But mixed amongst the horrors was something beautiful.

A Stale Gum original Relic. What could this be???


There's even card back legalese!

You have received an authentic Frank Zappa squished penny. This penny was squished on a% a& authentic I-95 rest stop in Maryland. 

It's 100% real, yo!

I considered MSPainting a Zappa card for this post, but really, the unique squished penny relic stands on its own. In honor of the best relic card I've seen this year here's my favorite Zappa song, featuring Don Van Vliet on growls.

That's the best guitar solo you will ever hear right there, folks. Enjoy the third anniversary of Zappa Day and celebrate this day as is the custom of your people.


Mark's Ephemera said...

The first Zappa album I heard was Hot Rats. That was in 1970, thanks to my brother and the local library.

Then I remember the the late 1970's. Sheik Yerbouti and Joe's Garage.

1982's Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch brought back Droodles. A complex man with very complex musical ideas. I'd vote for a FZ holiday.

TJ said...

A holiday is a good idea. I remember my mom telling me I couldn't listen to my dad's copy Sheik Yerbouti when I was a kid. So of course, I did.

Todd Uncommon said...

This is the best post in the history of bloggerydom. I needed a smile today, and this delivered in spades. And hearts. And clubs. No diamonds, though. But that's ok.

Word verification: epinson

The electronic version of Vada Pinson

dayf said...

My mom wouldn't let me listen to Roxy & Elsewhere.

"But mom, it has a song about penguins! I like penguins!"