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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The boxes are ripped

You have until 10:00pm tomorrow to get in on the contest. In the meantime, I'll be finishing up sorting, scanning, videoing, writing, editing and uploading.  To enter, just ask these easy peasy questions about what you think will be in the boxes. Most number of points wins. I reserve the right to cut this off early and post stuff tomorrow morning if no one else enters. Happy guessing...

2009 Heritage High Series Questions:

5 pts: Name one player on the Heritage three card strip box topper.

5 pts: Did I get a buyback card? Yes or no.
     If yes: guess the player for a bonus 50 pts, or the team for a bonus 10 pts.

5 pts: Is the hit a relic or autograph?

25 points: Name the player on the hit.

15 pts: Did I get the Tommy Hanson short print which was the whole reason I bought the box? Yes or no.
5 pts: Name the player on one Chrome card pulled.

5 pts: Name the player on one insert pulled.

10 pts: Total number of Braves pulled out of the box. This includes both cards with Braves logos and current Braves with other teams (including minor leaguers).

2010 Obak Questions:

5 pts: Did I get a hot box?

25 pts: Name the team on the box topper.

10 pts each: Name 4 autographs in the box.
      100 bonus pts: choose a cut auto or a mini or one of the other case hits as one of the autos and choose the right player.

10 pts: Name a player on a mini card in the box.

5 pts: Name a player on a short print in the box.

5 pts: Name a player on a parallel in the box.

25 pts: Total number of Braves in the box.
       25 bonus points:  Total number of Heywards in the box.

Special Super Jeopardy question:  

Will I get a J-Hey autograph in the box?

If you answer YES:
If you are correct you get 50 points. Incorrect, you lose 25 points.

If you answer NO:
If you are correct you get 25 points. Incorrect, you lose 50 points.

If you don't answer at all, you're not much of a gambler, but a wise person.

If you need help, here's the checklists:

Current contestants:
Play at the Plate: First to guess Obak - 10 pts.
Don - First to guess Heritage High - 8 pts.
Hackenbush - For Obak shipping shenanigans - 6 pts.
Beardy - For being the first one to man up and gamble that there is a Heyward auto in my box. - 5 pts.
S - for picking Heritage High second - 4 pts.
BuckeyeState Cards - For picking Heritage third - 2 pts.
Night Owl


Jeremy said...

Heritage three card strip box topper.
Brett Gardner

Yes, Red Sox buy back

Autograph hit

Raul Ibanez

No Tommy Hanson SP
Melky Cabrera Chrome card

Jordan Zimmerman will appear on one insert

10 Braves

2010 Obak Questions:

Yes a Hot Box

Portland Sea Dogs box topperhs in the box.

4 Auto’s
Bobby Borchering
D’Vontrey Richardson
David Clyde
Toby Gerhart
Case hit:
T212 mini Starlin Castro

Toby Gerhart mini

Charles “Chick” Gandil Short Print

Darryl Strawberry Parallel

8 Braves
1 Heyward

BA Benny said...

3 card strip Lastings Millage

Yes Buy Back - Orioles

Hit- Relic
Matt Holliday

No Hanson SP (sorry)

Chrome - Brad Penny

Insert - Maris

10 Braves

Obak- Not hot box

Rangers on box topper

Autos- Jeff Burroughs
Blake Smith
Toby Harrah
Brandon Jacobs

Case hit- T4-14 Andre Dawson

Mini- Hulk Hogan

SP- Johnny Evers

Parallel- Jefferson Burdick

4 Braves
1 Hayward

NO Hayward auto

beardy said...

Enjoying your new Heyward auto?

SportsCardGirl said...

ouch! i think i had a headache.. good luck to those who joined..

Community Gum said...

1) Milton Bradley, because he was on half of our freakin' box toppers!
2) Yes. #376 Johnny Briggs - Indians
3) Relic
4) B.J. Upton
5) Yes
6) Adam Dunn
7) Roger Maris
8) 24

1) Yes
2) San Diego
3) KC Hobson, Carlos Santana, Dwight Gooden, Garrett Gould
4) Lawrence Crash Davis
5) William H Taft
6) Tim Raines
7) 15 Braves - 2 Heywards
No Heyward auto despite the hot box.

Looking through this checklist and seeing beardy's break makes me want a box.

Hackenbush said...

I guess I was relegated to a second shipment of Obak. My box is at a UPS center about 15 miles away and should be here tomorrow. Here's wishing us both a hot box (I guess you know about yours already).

dkwilson said...

2009 Heritage High Series
Carlos Zambrano
Evan Longoria
Freddy Sanchez
Justin Upton

2010 Obak
New York AL
Ron Kittle, Daniel Fields, and Slade Heathcott
Ernie Banks Cut Auto
Carlos Santana - Mini
Walt Whitman - Short Print
Dwight Gooden - parallel
9 Braves
1 Heyward

Super Special Jeaopardy Question
No Heyward Auto

RoofGod said...

Ok, here we go.

John Smoltz
No buyback
Mark Texiera
Sorry no Tommy Hanson for you
Justin Verlander chrome
Tom Glavine insert
13 Braves

Hot box baby
Durham Bulls
Four guys autos that I have never heard of
Cal Ripken mini
Jason Heyward SP
Hank Greenberg mini
6 Braves
2 Heywards

Sorry no Heyward auto

dayf said...

Contest is CLOSED. Post will be up momentarily.