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Sunday, August 15, 2010

2010 Allen & Ginter Box Break - Pack 21 - 24

Limping towards the finish line...

Pack 21:
207 Wandy Rodriguez
24 Brandon Webb
14 Shane Victorino
225 Mark Teahen
55 Esmil Rogers RC
336 Hiroki Kuroda SP +2
169 Felix Hernandez mini A&G +2
TDH23 Dan Haren TDIH +1

I've had Brandon Webb stashed on the DL of my fantasy team all season. He ain't coming off, I'm afraid. Kuroda got a hard luck loss against Tim Hudson and the Braves on Friday night. the Dodgers deserved it after choking that huge lead against the Phillies the night before. The mini is a nice one of Felix Hernandez. Does Felix make the FrankenSet?


Kazuo Matsui can't keep out King Felix.

Pack 22:
266 Adam LaRoche
255 Robert Scott +2
97 Zach Duke
96 Roy Halladay


guuuh. It's his pants too. Cub farts.
Maybe I can get the booby prize for lowest points. +8

231 Travis Snyder black border mini +3
TDH49 Justin Morneau TDIH +1

Negro Leaguer Robert Scott dulls the sting of a horrible relic. Even though it's a black border, I'm doubtful Snider gets in the A&G binder. Let's check... does he make it?


A 2006 Tadahito Iguchi blocks his path.

Pack 23:
192 Tom Knapp - Don't shoot! I surrender!
257 Ervin Santana
226 Brian McCann +1
100 Matt LaPorta
235 Carlos Guillen
191 Justin Morneau
187 Jair Jurrjens mini +1
TDH12 Andre Ethier TDIH +1

Woooo! Two Braves! Jurrjens has got to go in the FrankenSet right?


Jair bumps a 2007 Russell Martin A&G mini card.


232 Hubertus "Master of Hellfire" Wawra
149 Ichiro
106 Dustin Pedroia +2
181 Tyler Colvin
293 Troy Tulowitzki
330 Jonathan Papelbon
55 Esmil Rogers RC mini
TDH2 Stephen Drew +1

I am fully aware of the fact that Dustim Pedroia is the player on the Favorite Players list and not Ichiro. I still chose to scan Ichiro instead. Sox fans have Papelbon to stare at anyway.

The mini was some rookie I've never heard of. Not even asking the question.


A Rockies rookie with 45 innings pitched in the majors is not dislodging a 2007 Ken Griffey Jr. A&G mini card out of that binder.

Ok, time to wrap this whole shebang up.

Most interesting non-scoring card:

Tom Knapp

Ze box. She ees dead.

Most interesting This date in History:

Battle of Iwo Jima Ends. Next time you hear the attendance of a ballgame was 27,000, remember that's how many people died fighting over a tiny rock in the middle of the ocean. War is Hell.

Gint-A-Cuffs Final Total:
Box Topper: 8 points
Pack 1: 3 points
Pack 2: 3 points
Pack 3: 15 points
Pack 4: 8 points
Pack 5: 3 points
Pack 6: 7 points
Pack 7: 4 points
Pack 8: 10 points
Pack 9: 3 points
Pack 10: bupkis
Pack 11: 7 points
Pack 12: 7 points
Pack 13: 9 points
Pack 14: 5 points
Pack 15: 12 points
Pack 16: 10 points
Pack 17: 3 points
Pack 18: 5 points
Pack 19: 6 points
Pack 20: 2 points
Pack 21: 5 points
Pack 22: 14 points
Pack 23: 3 points
Pack 24: 3 points

GRAND TOTAL: 155 points

That's a wrap, folks...

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I can use the Fukudome if you want to trade it....