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Saturday, November 21, 2009

1985 Topps Wantlist

I'm pretty sure I have at least a third of these floating around somewhere, they're just not in the box with the rest of my set. True story: There was a card show at Northlake Mall back in the '80s and I bought a pack of '85 Topps and pulled the Clemens. I traded it to the seller for God knows what and he warned me that he normally doesn't take trades from customers who pull good rookies out of packs because they might regret it later. I told him no sweat, I already had that card anyway. Heh. .

181 Roger Clemens Boston Red Sox P


* Oddly enough, I have the Tiffany version but not the base version of this card.
** I know for a fact I have this card, it's just hiding at the moment.

Have 792/792 cards from the set - 100% completed

Thanks to: Todd Querry, madding, Fuji, Scott Crawford, Other people


gritz76 said...

**I know for sure that I have at least a few of these for you. I'll let you know once I find them. Last I seen 'em was when Doc Gooden came over.

Todd Q said...

You knew I would be all over this...

It's not quite hundreds but I'll send the following south:

100 145 155 248 271 275 280 281 285 286 287 298 380 397 403 414 416 417 522 575 670 704 709 715 719 729 792

and from my super duper valuable box (last updated 1991) #620 Dwight Gooden

madding said...

I'll send you the following:

160, 180, 219, 282, 283, 284, 445, 488, 625, 690, 718

I'll add these to the list of what I'm sending.