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Friday, November 20, 2009

My project for this week

To take my big box of relic cards, choose the best one from each player and put that card in a PC relic card binder. I've got it completed finally, Here's a filled page from the book:

The selection process was fairly subjective, but more or less followed these rules:

Patch beats crazy color jersey,
Crazy color jersey beats jersey with stripe,
Jersey with stripe beats plain jersey,
Plain jersey beats bat,
Bat beats a piece of a stadium.
If it's something bizarre like a piece of a base or a shoe, it will go in until a nicer card comes along.
A jersey card that looks really good beats a patch card that looks like crap.
Manufactured Patches need not apply.

I separated out the cards of players who were primarily active before the '90s because I'm going to focus on that collection more than the contemporary players.

Braves are an entirely different animal and will get their own binders eventually. I'm happy with the way it turned out and it will be a whole lot easier for me to find a relic card of a player for a post now. Another side benefit is that I now have a big pile of superfluous relic cards since really, one of each player is enough for anyone. Now that I'm back in flesh I'll be able to catch up on my trading next month (just in time for the Christmas post office crazies, hooray) so maybe we'll see a Cards for Clunkers post soon.


NicoLax24 said...

Question: how come you put your relics in binders? Don't you find that the pockets are too narrow, and squish the corners?

dayf said...

After the box with all my carefully sorted and organized relics fell off the couch and spread top loaders everywhere, all my relics have been a disorganized disaster. In a binder, they are now all in the same place and I can look through them a lot more easily. I'm using older pages with larger pockets. The thickest card in the book still fits even with a penny sleeve around it.

White Sox Cards said...

That spikes card looks like someone put a relic on top of a player bending over, if you view it from a distance. Zooming in, that is not the case. It's just a poorly designed card.

Made me chuckle though!

JD's Daddy said...

agg, plain white jersey topps bat? And bat topps stadium??

And here I thought I had two pieces of my retirement plan in place!

Anonymous said...

Horizontal and Vertical cards look kind of odd together in a nine page binder

Anonymous said...

Spikes? I have at least three different shoe cards, but a that's a new one on me. Very cool. I think I need to put that next to catcher's chest protector on the list of unusual swatch cards I need to get.

Any swatch card that slides in without difficulty should be okay, right? I can't fit patches most patches in my pages, but anything of average thickness or less seems to fit just fine.