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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Card of the Week - Dodger fans, look away

I would first like to take the time to apologize to this guy, this guy and ESPECIALLY this guy. I'm so, so sorry. you may want to look away at this point, because things get bad.

Everyone else, Check out this sweet card of Steve Garvey!!!

SP Legendary Cuts! Shiny! Foiley! Nice big picture on a relic card!

Wooooooo! Steve Garvey! Dodger legend! NL MVP leads LA to Pennant!

Let's check out the jersey swatch!!!

(seriously, Dodger fans need to leave right now)

(Still here? You brave, brave soul. We'll get through this together.)


A brown Jersey on a Dodger card.

Upper Deck did a relic card in tribute to Garvey's 1974 MVP season and stuck a chunk of a Padres jersey in there. CLASSIC. Richard McWilliam is such a prankster! Maybe they indicate that it's a Pads uniform on the back...

Nope. Certified to them as having been used in an official Major League Game. Dodgers logos plastered all over the card and there's a Padres swatch embedded in the thing. There are several explanations for this odd pairing of jersey and card:

  1. It's a jersey that Garvey wore when he was playing for the San Diego Padres from 1983-1987.
  2. It's a uniform worn by a member of the San Diego Padres (most likely Gene Locklear or Fred Kendall) in a game against the Dodgers during Steve's tenure with the club.
  3. Upper Deck's relic choosing methodology is to place buckets on the floor with a card inside, cut every jersey in the joint up into little swatches and then throw 'em all up in the air like confetti. The swatches that fall into the Upper Deck Player Bucket™ go into that player's card.
  4. A curious UPS employee delivering new game-used material to the UD factory got curious and leaned in a little too close to the Jersey Chopper Upper.
I don't mind the brown uniform swatch because my fondest memory of Steve Garvey was when he got thrown out of a Braves - Pads game after mouthing off to Eric Gregg. I don't know what Mr. Clean said to Eric to warrant an ejection, but I'm sure I've yelled worse to Eric, especially during tthe 1997 NLCS. Speaking of Mr. Clean, are people still mad at Steve for having sex? With women? Jeez, he'd win Man of the Year for only doing that with some of the stuff that goes on now.


night owl said...

Explanation No. 5: Upper Deck HATES the Dodgers, as referenced in "Card Sharks."

At least it wasn't a Giants swatch.

gcrl said...

sometimes you have to accept your garvey any way you can get it - brown, pinstriped, whatever. the best part of that card, though, is the double earflap helmet!

Rod said...

that swatch could have been on a Kurt Bevacqua insert, instead what a waste

Laurens said...
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PunkRockPaint said...

I, for one, am sickened by the Dodgers logos. The swatch makes me happy.