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Monday, November 30, 2009

Catching up - Package from Todd Q

The month-long posting of packages was scheduled to begin tomorrow, but I got two in the mail today so I'm getting an early start. First up, a box of Stuff from Todd.

Todd threatened to send a few hundred '85 Topps cards but fortunately kept it under 30. The pile included a Doc Gooden card I have but can't find, a downgrade to my Tiffany version of the Cory Snyder USA card and my spiritual guru here:

There was also a big hunk 'o Allen & Ginter. I'm somewhat sad to be building the set in a sensible fashion instead of uying a ton of boxes and blasters, but economic times demand frugality. Now I have some money left over to buy a whole mess 'o Topps206. There were some base cards including Escobar here:

Also a Hoax, Bamboozle, Etc. that actually doesn't involve white collar crime! This card here may have won back the goodwill this set lost when I pulled that Enron card.
The rest of the box included a hefty stack of Heritage. This is another set where I would have liked to have ripped a couple of hobby boxes and a half dozen blasters but now that High Numbers is out, it's time to move on. This Bako card struck me as being a card that would not have been out of place in the original '60 set.

Also included was THE 1960 Highlight.

I love the two kids trying to shake the hand of Maz as he rounds third. Today, they would be tazed and thrown in a cell for the weekend for illegal expression of unauthorized joy. Yay progress!

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Paul P said...

I love the Maz card. Priceless moment!