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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

6 in 30 - '90s Random Crap Binder

The World Series has made me a nervous wreck. That and all the caffeine I drank today. To wind down and relax I'm doing another 6 in 30 post and maybe drinking large amounts of intoxicating beverages. I actually pulled the cards for this post a while back, but am just now getting around to posting them. That's why you may recall that one of the cards was traded away a while back.

These 6 were pulled from the binder of random 90's insert cards I put together a loooong time ago. Back when '90s inserts meant something. There were baseball, football, basketball and even a page of racing cards in there, but the ones that caught my eye were all baseball (sort of). I'm not sure if this is the proper methodology for this excercise, but the way I've been doing my 6 in 30 posts have been to flip through the binder really quickly and then pick out the top 6 cards that caught my eye. Only aseball caught my eye this time so hat's what ya get. Here's my 6:

1996 Leaf Limited Rookie Derek Jeter

I know, I'm complaining about the Yankees and then posting a Derek Jeter card. However, this card is amazing. AMAZING! Mid-90s high end, baby. This here might be my favorite insert set of all time. Leaf Limited base was mind blowing enough in 1996, but the logo with shiny holo-rays beaming out of it is just sick. Not a bad player on this one either...

199something Collector's Choice Jose Canseco Crash the Game Gold

I forgot the year on this one and have already mailed it off to Mario. 1996 or 7 I think. This was a contest UD had back in the day. Pull a card, and if the player hit a home run during the series listed you get a prize. The reward for the gold cards was a clear card of the player made out of acetate with a frame around the picture. Again, crazy stuff for the mid-90s.

1992 Upper Deck Willie Mays Baseball Heroes

Willie freakin' Mays with the signature moment of his career right here. Of course every time I see this play I hear Lou Brown in my head:
Nice catch Hayes, Don't ever f**king do it again.

1996 SPX Cecil Fielder

If you think Leaf Limited was cool in 1996, holy crap these were WAY cooler. Die cut two hologram insanity. I refused to buy any of the one card packs but I picked up cheap singles whenever I found them. Wax Heaven just opened a box of these suckas and I'm jealous. Why oh why can't anyone put out a card like this anymore...

1996 Leaf Steel Johnny Damon Gold parallel

Wild and wacky stuff came out in '96 didn't it? The gimmick in this set was that one card per pack was made of steel. I always wanted to buy a box and put it in my carry-on bag as I went through the airport. When the metal detector went beep, I would then be forced to open the entire box in the security line and I could share my Mojo hitz with the dude waving around the metal detector wand. Nowadays that'll get you tazed and sent on a wone way trip to Gitmo. Here's Johnny Damon's gold parallel Steel card. I scanned the back, because the front won't scan worth a crap. It's a shame too, because I peeled off the stupid 'protective' coating on the front.

1992 Upper Deck Deion Sanders SP

Prime Time! Falcons and Braves! How could I not pick this card?


SpastikMooss said...

Wow...the Deion and Damon are amazing.

Too bad I hate Damon now. grrrr yankees.

hipgroup said...

i groove on your blog. i've been sorting old cards for 2 days. dont ya gotta getta grin every deion card you see? a-waay 2 cool 4 skool...primetime. dug your 6 and got your 6 anytime bubba.

austin, tx

shanediaz82 said...

That Mays Heroes card is awesome.

Shane said...

I don't think Derek Jeter has aged much.