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Monday, November 30, 2009

Flea Market Follies - Part 1

Flea Market Dude was back this weekend and I felt it was my civic duty to go and buy a whole bunch of cards from him. Sadly, it turns out he was laid off earlier this year so it really was a civic duty to keep his economy rolling. I'll be so glad when 2010 gets here, this year has been dreadful. As usual, I bought such a large pile of stuff that I'm going to post it all in easily digestible chunks.

There was a 75 cent box of inserts and rookies there, when I started looking through it I found something I did not expect. A whole flop-ton of autogamer cards. I'm not shure where the word flop-ton came from (or the word shure, for that matter), it just seemed to be the best way to describe that amount of relics in a 75 cent box. Flea Market Dude mentioned he had recently picked up cards from the US Mail auction, and I think he may have gotten the cards there. Most of them had a big ding on the upper right corner, leading me to believe that they were all shipped in a package without enough padding, and one drop later the whole lot was dinged and insurance was claimed.

I had that happen to me once when a huge lot of football rookies I won off of Yahoo Auctions was sent in an 800-count box through the mail. I pulled it from the mailbox, walked into the garage and immediately proceeded to drop it right on a corner, ruining the whole 800 cards in one fell swoop. Those David Boston rookie cards were going to fund my retirement too...

I care not about dings on relic cards so I picked up a lucky seven jerseys out of the box. The goal was to pick up 1) players I didn't have a relic of already and b) players actually worth the 75 cents. Results were mixed. This is why I have been posting and printing out wantlists like crazy recently. The Relic list is next to be printed.

Artifacts Chris Carpenter

I didn't have a relic of Cy Young Carpenter yet, so I did very well here.

Fleer Ultra Chone Figgins

The first of three that I had already. This one is an upgrade from the '08 Upper Deck relic that was in the binder so I'm happy. There are quite a few Chone fans out there as well so this is a good addition.

Leaf Certified Casey Kotchman

I probably have a Kotchman jersey floating around the Braves boxes, but this one is shiiiiiiiiny. Serial numbered too. You can really see the ding on the top corner in this scan.

Sweet Spot Nick Markakis

I had a Nick jersey but didn't care because I know at least three people who will be e-mailing me about this card in 3... 2... 1... It's madness to pass up a Markakis jersey for 75 cents anyway! Plus: no ding!

Artifacts Jason Schmidt

This is the one I regret. I already had a better looking Schmidt jersey and there aren't a whole lot of Jason Schmidt Supercollectors out there. I suppose I could send it to Night Owl or gcrl since it says Dodgers on it. As long as I didn't mind getting the internet stink-eye from them for a few months.

Artifacts Billy Wagner

Heh, Billy Wagner is an Antiquity. I laugh now, but he'll probably be the Braves closer in '10.

Artifacts Jered Weaver

This is the SHINY version of the Schmidt card which makes all the difference.


beardy said...

Nice haul dude.

I already have that Markakis, so no email from me.

NicoLax24 said...

I'd like to make an offer for the Markakis. I don't believe that I have a jersey of his yet, and this one's pretty nice.

I'll email you with an offer

Slangon said...

Man. I am truly jealous. The closest I have to that is at the crappy card shop where they have a $0.50 bin that you can use to get your fill of 86 Topps Kelvin Chapmans. They too come with dinged corners.

madding said...

I love Chris Carpenter, but if you don't have one of his relics already, it should definitely stay in your collection.