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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Links 11/19/09

A quick linkdump for you all while I suffer through the most interminably boring computer class I've ever taken. Descriptions will be limited as I'm supposed to be paying attention to the many, many flavors of Linux backup utilites at the moment. I have a ton o' linkages for you today so I've grouped them according to theme.

General card blogs:

No One's Going to Read This Blog
Ok people, prove this man wrong. You have to respect someone who forsakes a staple food over a football game.

Hey, That's Mine!
Best title image ever. Other than the ones on Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius.

Legendary Wax
Looky here - contest! also: Drooooooool.

Baseball Card Recollections
This guy wants to give cards away to kids! Back up a U-Haul in my driveway and I can probably get you halfway there...

Set Tribute blogs:

1960's Baseball
1966 Topps Baseball
1967 Topps Baseball
1968 Topps Baseball
Jim from Downingtown is just all over the 60's. Very good stuff here for you vintage lovers.

1969 Topps
Packaddict gets the save by closing out the '60s for Jim.

Grand Slam 1978
This one is pretty fascinating. A blog chronicling a late-'70s oddball set that he got signed. As weird and as cool as the #5 Type Collection blog.

1980 Topps
Can you believe I never noticed Chief Noc-A-Homa's teepee on this card before? I'm ashamed of myself.

My First Cards
Featuring the 1982 Topps "hockey stick" set. I guess I need to post a card of Steve Renko in the next couple of weeks, eh?

Team collectors:

The Phillies Room
Everything Phillies. I'm digging the custom cards.

A Giant Blog
You know what makes me happy? You know what warms my heart? Want lists for cards from the 1930s. Now that's a team collector!

Astros Baseball Cards
Not just Astros, Astro autos.

Roll Out The Barrel
I coulda sworn I linked this Brewer collector before. Also: I'm right there with ya buddy.

Let's Play 2
Yeah, he's a Cubs fan, but he links old obscure Cubs stuff. I'm down with old Cubs. New Cubs, BLECH.

Baseball Dad's blog. Mostly Indians, but the man's not afraid to use a stand up card the way God intended and I respect that.

Hockey Card Heaven
'Cause hockey needs some lovin' too...

And a couple of PSAs for good measure...

Do you know what was awesome about game 7 of the 1979 World Series? This.

Someone e-mailed me about the Card Corner Club. I haven't taken the time to really check it out yet, but from what I've seen it looks nifty.


Devon said...

I didn't know about some of these blogs, cool.

And yeah, you need to post a Steve Renko card this month to keep your spot on the cool table

AdamE said...

My crystal ball shows a RIP Uga VII post written by you in our near future...


Jim said...

I'm glad you like the custom cards and thanks for posting the link!

James B. Anama said...


The 1969 Topps Blog has the wrong link (1960's Topps comes up).

Otherwise, thanks for some of the links.


JayBee Anama

dayf said...

Thanks, I just fixed the link.

Jeremy said...

Hey thanks for the mention!! I've been reading your blog for a while and I've never noticed the Flaming Carrot before. That's a cool comic.