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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Return of the Links

I'm slowly but surely getting my blogging act together again. Part of that process is updating my sidebar with new blogs. Well, new to me at least. Enjoy the linky dinks.

Can't Have Too Many Cards

This guy hasn't seen my basement. I always wondered if the guy who used Groucho as his profile photo had a blog, and he does! Turns out he is the Birthday Dude. Happy Birthday Kurt! There's more than just birthdays on the blog, including oldies, oddballs, non-baseball and non-sports. The only thing wrong with that blog is I get an uncontrollable urge to watch Duck Soup whenever I click on it.

Wax Pack Relapse

This is a great place to go to check out a madman ripping wax like there's no tomorrow. Expect to see lots of box breaks, some epic hits and some hits that are not-so-epic. There's a lot of giveways on the site too for all you scroungers (like me) out there...

The Nitty Gritty

The Collective Troll's tribute to the 1978 Topps set. '78 Topps is one of my favorite sets evar, if for no other reason than the game on the back. I am somewhat embarrased though, by the fact that Troll has written more about Phil Niekro in this one post than I have throughout this blog. Troll ain't playing with this blog!

Since I have been very neglectful in updating my link lists over the past few months, I'm going to try to play catch up. I shall do so by checking out a fellow blog with extensive linkys and snagging ones that I don't currently have linked. I'm starting off with Dinged Corners.

Project Baseball 1976

Another extremely detailed set tribute blog. '76 Topps was never my favorite when I was a kid, but it has grown on me.

Johngy's Beat

Johngy's blog has been in my "non-card" blog list for a long time, but I think it's time to promopte him to the big huge link list.

HandyAndy's Vintage Orioles Cards Project

This one is new to me. A collector from Down Under is attempting to collect every Orioles card from 1954-1980. As a fellow Team collector, I'm totally down with this.


JD's Wild Cardz
The Budget Collector

And finally, a few articles that caught my eye.

Cheap Seats gets barreled over by a pack of Sweet Spot.

Project '62 challenges you to Guess the Grade.

Set collectors! How much are your sets worth?

One of the most sought after cards on the planet and this dude has FOUR of them.

The Chip Caray/Harry Truman mashup in this post is genius. h/t: Bo.

And remember, even though baseball is over for several cold, cold months, we can still look forward to Sundays.


night owl said...

Yet another set tribute blog to add:

1975 Topps (it's far out, man)


(I really need to learn how to link inside a comment).

Collective Troll said...

dayf, MANY, MANY thanks for the link for the Nitty Gritty! I was so excited that I actually posted on it for the first time in a week. 1975 Topps, Its Far Out Man is WAAAAAY better though! Cheers!