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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Random Contest - Pack 5 - gcrl

Pack #5 - Brewers and Jays and Twins, oh my!

I have to figure some way of peeling that Brewer glove logo sticker off so I can salvage it and stick it on something else.

Manufacturer: Donruss - 8 cards for 8 points

A good showing for Donruss in this pack, including a couple of Americana cards. Both Goldie and Kathryn are rockin' the glamor girl sucking on a lemon face.

Year: 1988 - 2 cards for 10 points

couple of Mikes represent 1990 for gcrl.

Team: Indians - 7 cards for 70 points

David must have used the Random Packs as an excuse to dump a lot of excess Indians on an unsuspecting public. A nice big haul for gcrl.

Sport: Wrestling - 0 points

No Kent Hrbek cards in this pack. Goldie Hawn wresting with Kurt Russell doesn't count.

Player: Albert Belle - 0 cards

Seven Indians and not one Joey.

Weirdness: Television - 0 cards

There was weirdness all over this pack too. Checklists, ad cards, Americana... Sadly Goldie's card only mentions her movies. Does no one remember Laugh In?.

Total Points: 88

Here's the rest of the cards in the pack:

The Worst Card in the Pack:

Kelly is horrified by the thick and crusty gum stain that is about to eat his face.

And finally,
The Best Card in the Pack:

This dude is still only a Junior in college. Who knows, he might be a high draft pick next year. I have no clue which company did this set (looks a little like TriStar to me) but it's nice and foily.


#1 Mad Guru - 121 points
#2 gcrl - 88 points
#3 Mark's Ephemera - 82 points
#4 Bo - 50 points
#5 Play at the Plate - 38 points

Blue - Currently in the lead for the Grand Prize
Red - Currently in the toilet for the boobie prize
Black - good luck with the random drawing.

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