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Friday, November 6, 2009

Hot Stove on Fire

Trades are flying early on the Hot Stove...

The Red Sox picked up Jeremy Hermida from the Marlins for a couple of minor league lefties. Ho-hum, once again the Marlins dump someone as soon as he makes more than 2 mil a year and the Sox are stockpiling a bunch of cheap contracts just because they can. Also:

The Twinkies snag shortstop JJ Hardy from the Brewers...

for centerfielder Carlos Gomez. Looks like Orlando Cabrera and Mike Cameron are unemployed again.

In other news, half the league filed for free agency. Here's a list of the players who have filed from your favorite team. Now that you've looked that over, here's a shopping list grouped by position so you can play GM and replace them all! Hmmm... I'll take Adam LaRoche, Carl Crawford, Chone Figgins and finish up with Rafael Soriano.

What do you mean my credit card is over the limit?!?

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Mr P said...

I wish JJ the best. Wonder how he will find life in the AL?