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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Contest - Second Chance Drawing

Update on the Random contest. I have everyone's entries and have totaled up scores. Starting tomorrow I'll start posting results. Maybe I'll have it all done by next weekend, maybe not. I will say that no one got shut out on points and one lucky fellow hit the weirdness jackpot. I felt bad about the people who just missed out on getting a slot in the contest so everyone who posted on one of the three contest threads got an entry into a second chance drawing for an insert or relic card.

The near misses were:
Spastik Mooss
Chuck's Used Cards
Night Owl
McCann Can Triple

These two just sort of commented on the dada of it all, but I entered them anyway:
Ernest of Canada
Dinged Corners

I put them all into Random.org and rolled an 8-sided die to determine the number of times to refresh. After five refreshes it came up with this:

This isn't the end, oh, no... I take my randomness seriously. I rolled the die again, this time on my scanner bed. The number that showed on the scan is the winner. This was a good test run of the procedure to pick the random winner for the actual contest.

Drumroll please.....

Chuck's Used Cards, come on down!

If you see this post tonight, e-mail me. If not, I'll look you up tomorrow. I need to go watch the Venture Brothers now.

1 comment:

SpastikMooss said...

Ooo so close. I love the way you randomized, it just ends up so...random!