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Monday, November 23, 2009

Random Contest - Pack 2: Mad Guru

Pack #2 - Mad Guru Electric Boogaloo.

Ze peeks:

Manufacturer: Topps - 11 cards for 11 points

I told you Topps was the choice for some cheap points. The Trevor Hoffman in the Marlins uni is a pretty sweet card, I must say.

Year: 1994 - 0 cards

Guru was completely shut out on 1994 cards, which is somewhat of a surprise concidering how many of them there were in all the other packs.

Team: Tigers - 1 card for 10 points

Doyle Alexander turns out to be an 11 point card as he is the only Tiger in the pack with the Tiger sticker.

Sport: Baseball - 0 points

Choosing "baseball" for the "non-baseball sport" category doesn't work out too well. Since there is a prize for doing the worst (and a terrible prize too), I did not question any of the contestants' choices however bizarre they may be. There was only one non-baseball card in the pack anyway and you'll see that one in a moment.

Player: Travis Fryman - 0 cards

I'm almost tempted to go back through all the packs and giving bonus points for player picks that showed up in ANY pack because everyone bombed on this one so badly. That's way too much work though.

Weirdness: Checklists - 2 cards for 100 points

Anyone who followed the openings of other Random Packs of Kindness and Trick or Treat packs knew that David apparently got in a 5000-count box of checklists at some point this year and that was the way to go. There's that lone hockey card, by the way.

Total Points: 121

Here's the rest of the cards in the pack:

The Worst Card in the Pack:

I got nothing against John Burkett. He put in some good starts for the Bravos a few years ago and was a solid pitcher. It's just that this card has two creases going right through the center of the card. One up-down, one left-right, making a crease cross. Creases are actually kind of endearing on cards with an old style gray cardboard stock. On new cards with the white card stock it looks like garbage, which is basically what this card is now.

And finally,
The Best Card in the Pack:

Yep, there were relics in the Random Packs of Kindness. I don't have a Karros in my relic binder, so if someone wins this I may have to finagle a trade to keep it. Of course I'd probably just end up flipping it to gcrl or Night Owl anyway, so it might not be worth the effort.


#1 Mad Guru - 121 points
#2 Mark's Ephemera - 82 points

Blue - Currently in the lead for the Grand Prize
Red - Currently in the toilet for the boobie prize
Black - good luck with the random drawing.


SpastikMooss said...

That Hoffman is currently sitting in one of those 25 card wall holders at the local Michael's here. Totally random location, but I noticed it as my girlfriend was looking at frames, and I'm always wondering if they'd notice if I swapped in some Fred Mcgriff double for it or something. I'm guessing yes since it's under plastic.

Also, I love the random relic-y goodness. I actually got a Carlos Beltran relic in one of those packs, as well as a very chewed up Vernon Wells relic. David rules basically.

night owl said...

My random packs were relic free and virtually Dodger free. When Dave says random, he means random.

Mad Guru said...

What an awesome set of cards. Hanson, Tulo, Dascenzo, Simms, Chiamparino, Hex Rudler, Swift. All guys I would have or did acquire for "investment" purposes (I gave my former boss 50 Dascenzo rookies for her 50th birthday and still had hundreds left). Fantastic.