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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sticky Sunday - RRAAAAAARRRR Edition

Ok, time to start posting packages I got several months ago when I was in my doldrums. I may be lazy and slow and easily distractable, but I'll get there in the end. Let's start off with a couple of stickers received from Trader Crack's and Mark's Ephemera.


Skate Kate:

T-Rex munching on a skater dude came from Mr. Cracknell, T-Rex BECOMING a skater dude is courtesy of Mark. Tyrannosaurus completes my sticker set from the 1988 Dinosaurs Attack! set. I'm only missing cards 2 and 38 from the main set now thanks to Mark and Ryan. The T-Rex sticker isn't even the goriest one in the set, there's a couple others with entrails, a-flying. My favorite is the parasaurolophus munching on the baby. As for Skate Kate, well, I have no clue what the heck's going on there. It looks like a weird mash-up of dinosaurs and Garbage Pail Kids. The back features a puzzle of Kate. I don't know what set this is from, but any set with art like that, that also has a possible reference to an obscure John Entwhistle song is all right with me. Not to mention it looks like a possible inspiration for this.

While these were by far the awesomest cards int eh packages, there was other cool stuff in there as well. These came from Trader Crack:

MLB Showdown Chipper Jones promo

This is a promo giveaway for the MLB Showdown game. I was able to pick up a promo from the Wizards of the coast store at the Mall of America back when these first came out, but unfortunately for the Braves fan drooling over the Andruw and Chipper promos, I got Corey Koskie instead. Nine years later, I finally have a Chipper!

Three Topps205 minis

This knocks me down to 16 needed for the mini set. I wonder which mini set I'll complete first, this one or my 1-350 mixed 2006-2009 Allen & Ginter mini set...

A strange Canadian Diet Pepsi Tom Glavine card I've never seen before in my life

I've seen a WHOLE lot of Tom Glavine cards in my day, but I ain't never seen this one.

Here's some stuff from Mark:

Ace Pilot Grover

I don't know what set this is from but it needs to go in my "Kick-butt epic weird oddball non-sports card binder" stat. Actually, I need to create that binder just for this card. A is for awesome.

Dinosaurs Attack! cards for the set

Why, oh why can't we have another insanely gross and violent set like this one nowadays?? Actually, now that I come to think of it, I think we DID.

2009 Smokies Schedule

Ryno on a minor league schedule! How cool is that? Ryne Sandberg was the manager of the Tennesse Smokies last year and did a pretty dang good job of it. Ryne might be managing up in the bigs before too long. If there are any Sandberg supercollectors out there, it looks like he's in the Smokies' 2009 team set.

Thanks for the stuff guys, I've got you two on my "to send" list once I am able to send out cards again. Keep the want lists updated!

And the final results on which sticker is coolest...

15 (71%)
Skate Kate
6 (28%)

Votes so far: 21
Poll closed

Chomping a skater is cooler than actually skating.


Slangon said...

Dude, I got that Dinosaurs Attack #2. You can have it. Gratis.

David said...

Nothing is as cool as Grover! I love it.

Mark's Ephemera said...

Glad you remembered the cards and more importantly, that you were pleased with them.

Bay Rat North West said...

Skate Kate is from the Dino Sours set. Came in wax packs with sour gum piece. Joe knows this because Hang Ten Ken of a T Rex surfing was his favorite.

Greatest word verification EVUH


Anonymous said...

That Glavine card is awesome, especially because he is shown as a RIGHT-HANDED hurler for a logo-less team. Solid.