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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2003 Topps205 Minis

2003 Topps205 Mini Want List

I'll take any type of back on these cards. Once I finish the set then I can worry about trying to find specific backs.

19 Carlos Delgado
31 Barry Larkin
77 Adam Dunn - smiling variation *
152 Richard Hoblitzel
159 Reggie Jackson
162 Grady Sizemore
172 Eric Duncan
173 Brian Snyder
177 Chad Billingsley
191 Bo Hart
204 Jeff Bagwell - no cap variation **

232 Kenny Lofton
236 Bernie Williams
246 Miguel Cabrera
262 Ivan Rodriguez
271 Javier Lopez
284 Chipper Jones - yellow background variation ***
294 Aaron Guiel
316 Willie Mays
324 Chad Billingsley
326 Brian Snyder

And... What the hell, 2003 Topps205 Base Want List

172 Eric Duncan SP
173 Brian Snyder SP
174 Chris Lubanski SP
177 Chad Billingsley SP
191 Bo Hart SP
192 Brandon Webb SP
200 Sammy Sosa
300 Dontrelle Willis smile variation SP ****

* The small version of this:
** The small version of this:
*** The small version of this:
**** The big version of this:

Thanks to: Mr. Haverkamp


Anonymous said...

#326 is Brian Snyder (the same Brian Snyder that is #173 in the set). Don't think he's a prospect to deserve 2 rookie cards in the same set, as he hit a robust .254 at AA-Midland in '07. -- Jimbo

Bay Rat North West said...

I just opened an ebay win package and the seller sent 40 Dunn cards on top of the auction win. The mini smile is on the way to you.