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Thursday, January 29, 2009

2002 Just Minors Gold Set - Junk Cards

This is a little later than I planned to post it tonight. Have you seen the Burger King ads for the angry Whopper? Well, yeah they are kind of irate. Urp. Good thing I'm slacking and showing you the junk cards int he box set instead of the next five players. One thing Just Minors has never been shy about is putting advertising stuff in their products. They're a local company, so good for them. Go buy something from them now and help the local economy! They just entered a distribution agreement with Razor so they've got some of that stuff for sale too. Here's the first of the two ads in the set:

Autographed 8x10's! I've seen (but didn't buy) the full sized version of the Sean Burroughs card on this ad. They are pretty good looking! Unfortunately there is no checklist on the card,just a request for for their catalog. For 2002, these guys were pretty web savvy. They've got their website plastered all over the front and back and they now accept PayPal payments!

The other ad card is for Action Figures! $7.95 each and you can find player selection on their web-site. The two teeny photos on the card are of Hammerin' Hank and John Elway. The back of the card is an order form identical to the other card. So why am I showing you this junk? Because...

I got a Hank figure! Just Figures that they'd use a pun for the name of their product. The box it comes in is generic and has a Hank Aaron sticker on the bottom. Here's the lineup of figures for that time.

Hank Aaron - Atlanta Braves '74
Michael Barrett - Harrisburg Senators '98
John Elway - Oneonta Yankees '82
Gabe Kapler - Jacksonville Suns '98
Ricky Williams Piedmont Boll Weevils '96-'97
Collect 'Em All!

This particular figure is from 1999, as it has a Just 99 Justifiable logo on the side. It's an interesting mix of players too. Since the company is based in Atlanta, Hank was an obvious choice. Michael Barrett is local too. Elway had some sort of endorsement deal with Just back in the early days, I remember he had a few cards in their minor league sets at the time. I guess that was Battered Fan Syndrome from what ol' Horse Face did to us in the Supa Bowl. And Ricky Williams was in fact old Weedy McSmokey. An ok selection for 1999 I guess. I got this in one of those old KMart repack monstrosities that was a big 2 foot by three foot cardboard box with a bunch of packs and such glued to the thing. I miss those KMart repacks, although they weren't exactly environmentally friendly. They were fun to look at though! You could spend more time looking through the stack of them for the exact packs you wanted than it took to open the packs. Pulling the packs off the cardboard took more time than both those other activities put together of course.

I got the fielding version of the figure, otherwise known as the one where hank is standing with his arms to his sides wearing a glove and holding a ball. Sorry the pics aren't better, that's the best my crummy little webcam can muster with the terrible lighting near my PC. If I was a normal blogger I'd be pointing out the PayPal donation button on the sidebar and saying "HINT HINT - CAMERA FUND" but I haven't quite reached the level of blogtitude yet to be smart enough to do that. All I need is a battery and maybe a cable for a CoolPix camera, I'll find one eventually and you'll get good pictures. Well there's my little tangent from the Gold set, more player profiles tomorrow!

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