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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cards From Cards On Cards #1 - Sid

Here's the first batch of cards I received from Madding. You could say this is an oddballapalooza. Here's my favorite from this pack.

1991 Topps Dave Justice. I love this card. Rookie of the Year, big ol' smile, Rookie Cup... Now let's look at the back.

Is that French I see? This isn't Topps, It's O-Pee-Chee! I hardly saw any of this stuff back in '91 because everyone was too busy going goofy over O-Pee-Chee Premier. This is a nice addition to the Justice collection.

Let's go through the rest quickly since I'm running behind:

1992 Triple play, '90 Score Superstar, '92 O-Pee-Chee Premier, '91 Toys R Us, '91 Classic, '92 Braves World Series playing cards, another '91 Classic, '90 Classic and '90 Kaybee Kings

A brief paus at this 1990 Classic Avery card. Isn't this thing hideous??They've got another set where the pink and blue are reversed that looks just as bad.

'88 Fleer Baseball's Best, '88 Donruss All-Star, '87 Fleer Award Winner, a trio of '93 Triple Play, '90 Post, '91 Post, 93 Fleer Atlantic.

You know what's more worthless than '88 Donruss? '88 Leaf. Ted Simmons is actually a Hall of Fame caliber catcher, did you know that? Play for a team that wins a championship in New York and you're in. Otherwise, ferget it.

Here's some minis: '89 Topps American, '88 Topps American 2 '89 Topps Stickers (with Doug Jones on the back of one), '91 Cracker Jack Series 1 and 2.

When the internet develops a technology that allows us to see SportFlics cards in all their glory, we will truly be a civilized nation. No, YouTube is not that technology.

Wrapping it up, '91 Classic, '91 Toys R Us, '93 Triple Play Scratch Off, Stickers! '90 Classic Hideous, '90 Kay-Bee, '90 Classic Hideous Inverted, another Toys R Us and '92 O-Pee Chee Premier.

Whoo! That's a lot of weird cards! There's two more packs though, The Zip-Loc bag is up next and I'll finish up eventually with Gant in the plastic case.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Whoa! What's up w/ Simmons uniform on the '88 Leaf card? If it's a '87 photo he should have a red bill and I have no idea where that jersey's from. Is it a throwback? This card is awesome!

Joe said...

I agree with your comment regarding showing Sportflics cards on the internet. Scans don't do them justice.

dayf said...

Ted was with the Braves in 1986 so the all blue cap isn't surprising.

Tha being said, I have NO idea what is going on with the white jersey with no piping.