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Monday, January 26, 2009

Mobama - Packs 2 & 3

I've got some packs, I finally found a blaster (the only way to go on these packs as you will see) and I have a binder and 13 pages to put 'em all in. And yes, Even though the Yea on Obama Cards referendum only won by two votes they will all be shown on here. I'll probably only post 'em late at night when I can't sleep, and I also promised to show the people who don't like Obama a random cool card from the archives:

And something else cool. How about the Monty Python YouTube Channel? Is that cool enough? It's cool for them, their DVD sales are up 23,000% since they put everything online for free.

Ok, now to the cards, if you don't like Obama, now's the time to skeedaddle.

Pack 2:

62 Sad Farewell to Toot

This is not the saddest part of this pack, although it's PRETTY DAMN SAD.

79 Economic Team takes the Field
7 Loving Nurturing Grandparents

both dupes.

Sticker 5 of 18

"We are the ones we've been waiting for" always sounded like a line from act three of a Samuel Beckett play to me. The environmental tip on the back of the card refers to one of the absolute dumbest things to come out of the stupidest Presidential campaigns in my lifetime. The whole "Inflate your tires to save gas" brouhaha. Why Obama was attacked over THAT I'll never ever understand. Of course inflating your tires to the proper lever saves you gas and saves the bloody tires as well! Anyone who has ever maintained their car knows that. Also idiots who let their tire pressure get low, end up wrecking their tires and then have to shell out 200 bucks for new ones like yours truly find that out real quick too. Ugh, I'm going to stop before I start ranting uncontrollably.

81 The First Granny

Another double, but at least it's a chance to show you the back with the picture of her instead of Michelle.

12 The Newlyweds
3 From Hawaii to Washington

More doubles. 5 out of 6 cards in the pack were doubles. In the SECOND PACK. Even Barack is sad about this.

Pack 3:

46 Ready for Prime Time

Obama's chillin' with Great Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown on this card. The picture on the back shows him chatting with the Tory leader David Cameron on the back in a nifty photo in front of Big Ben.

85 I Love This Country

If I get a double of this card I want to send it to Fox News just to let 'em know. They'd probably be incapable of understanding what it meant and treat it like an Anthrax scare. Then I'd end up in jail for terrorizing Right-Wing pundits. Oh well, no cards for Fox.

90 Checklist

While the last pack was a great example of the negative side of non-sports cards, this is one of the positives. BITCHIN' CHECKLIST CARDS!

Sticker 9 of 18

I have to admit, I love how completely over the top some of these stickers are. True story: Sophomore year in college my roomie in the dorm was an evangelical atheist. You know, Ayn Rand objectivist society type. He had little atheist tracts he'd use to torment the fundies on campus. However, at the time I was one of those fundies (I grew out of it) so as an act of rebellion I bought a Martin Luther King poster at the poster fair and hung it up in the room. Man, I was a JERK in college! I miss that guy, he got me into Rush and I turned him on to Frank Zappa. The Enviro-tip on the back advocates low-flow showerheads.

52 Michelle Speaks Out

This card shows Michelle's speech to the Annual General Baptist State Convention in North Carolina. Obama won the state, so it must have helped...

69 Joe the Vice-President Elect

There's a few cards of Biden in the set, but this might be the one that focuses on him the most. Joe pissed me off with that lousy bankruptcy bill but he looks like he could be a decent Veep. better than the alternative *ahem* Sorry, got something in my throat then.

77 The First Spokesman

Here's White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs with Obama in a photo with some weird perspective. There's been a lot of weird perspective coming from recent Press Secretaries, so why not.

The next two packs will be up whenever I can get to 'em. Soonish, probably.


GCA said...

"Joe the Vice President elect". Can he fix a sink too?

Bay Rat North West said...

On card 85 - What country was he in when he said that? Could be important info for FOX!

dayf said...

Bay Rat: Pretty sure that was Denver. Now, there are parts of Denver that are... well, weird, but I'm pretty sure most of it is in the US.

Bay Rat North West said...

I hear you on Denver. According to Coast to Coast AM on Monday night the Denver Airport is both the new CIA HQ AND the gateway for refuge for leaders to go by train to secret bunkers in the Rockies. THAT is why it was built so far from town. Also the Masons had a HUGE role in the building and design so they can use it. Ya learn new stuff every day.

dayf said...

True Story:

I bumped into Eric Bischoff and Bobby the Brain Heenan at the Denver airport. It was right in front of that freaky New World Order mural they used to have there. I would have pestered them for an autograph or something, but I was lugging around a my luggage and a 60-lb. toolbox at the time.

The Denver airport is also fun because of the tumbleweeds you can plow into in your renal car as you are leaving!