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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inspired by Blue

Blue Heaven pointed out this neat Obamamizer with a post full o' Dodgers. So, instead of finishing posts and putting together packages to be mailed, I spent my time making this:

Paste is a pretty good magazine, but their website needs work. If you make your own Obamacons, make sure you Shift+PrintScreen and paste it into paint or Photoshop. I tried registering and it borked on me and refused toaccept the username and password I entered 2 minutes before. I almost lost this masterpiece! Even if you don't want to Obaminate anyone, check out the gallery. there are some gems.


Grand Cards said...

Clearly, dayf has not visited grandcards.blogspot.com in the last two weeks and viewed the author's own icon. :)

dayf said...

Dayf has not seen grandcards.blogspot.com before but he will be keeping an eye on it in the future.