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Friday, January 16, 2009

1984 Fleer List and Pack

Ok, I finally got my '84 Fleer wantlist straightened out. It's linked on the set building page now. I'm doing pretty well so far, I'm 2 cards away in '83 Topps and only 1 away in '91 Topps (and I'm almost sure I have it buried somewhere). To commemorate the momentous occasion of finally getting my wantlists together I'm celebrating by ripping a pack:

Last year I bought two packs each of '83 and '84 Fleer from a seller on eBay. He screwed up and sent me one '83 pack and three '84s. Oops. I already have the '83 Fleer set built so it was no big deal. I ripped two of the '84s and saved the other one. Time to open it so see if any cards I need are hiding in there.

Astros cap sticker

389 Luis Aponte - Don't need it.
575 Frank Viola - Don't need it.
551 Rick Sutcliffe - Don't need it.
276 Bill Gullickson - Don't need it.
236 Luis Pujols - Don't need it.

A third of the way through the pack and it's a total dud so far. Frank Viola with Cheech Marin skulking in the background is the only card even slightly interesting. I'm crossing my fingers for the next five...

448 - Don Hill - Don't need it.
219 Robin Yount - Nice, but I don't need it.
167 Dave Stieb - Don't need it.
109 Alejandro Pena - Don't need it.
519 Andy Hassler - Don't need it.

At least this group didn't suck. Yount is one of the few Hall of Famers I already have for this set. Stieb and Pena are pretty good too. Ok, last chance here, I gotta get something, right? Right?

654 Braves Checklist/ Joe Torre - Don't need it.
596 Doug Sisk - Don't need it.
303 Ruppert Jones - Don't need it.
127 Ron Guidry - Don't need it.
206 Bob McClure - Don't need it.

Like Andruw Jones flailing at a breaking ball, that is a STEEERIKEOUT! It certainly wasn't a bad pack at all though. Yount and Torre are Hall of Famers (eventually in Joe's case). Guidry was awesome. Viola and Stieb were damn good. I just have them all already.

Here's what I'm a gonna do for you. First person to e-mail me that has just one stinkin card off my want list and offer me that card gets this whole pack. Sticker, wrapper, price tag and all. It can be anyone on that list, I don't care if it's Ripken or Mickey Hatcher. I'll even throw in a second unopened pack of something and a few extra '84 Fleers. Any takers?

grcl gets the pack, but I'll still happilly trade you something for sone '84s...

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JOHN KLIMA said...

I think Cheech Marin behind Viola is Bobby Castillo. That was my first thought; BaseRef confirms it!