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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekend Mailday Wrap Up - 1/17/09

As you can see I'm reaaaaly late posting this. To hide my embarrassment and shame, I'm posting it in the middle of the night so only Night Owl knows how slack I am.

First up is a package from Cardboard Icons. I actually got this a week or two ago, but it got mixed up with some other mail and I didn't find it until earlier this week. Ben and I had a trade a month or two ago, but this package just sort of showed up. There's something very odd on the package, take a look.

For some reason there is a canceled Anne of Green Gables Canadian Stamp stuck on this package. I don't have any clue what that's doing there, but it's neat. The packs within the envelopes were filled with Braves. Over half were Topps cards from 2004-2006:

6 from 2004

11 from 2005

and 11 from 2006

This is very cool because now I can start filling out the Braves team set binders for the '00s. I've been extremely lazy about keeping my binders after 1985 filled up, so these cards are agood thing. Maybe I'll finish up the wantlists for my Topps Braves team sets this week. There were also a bunch of random Braves. Including:

1994 Fleer TP

2006 First Pitch Frenchy

and a 2006 Upper Deck Bootleg Chrome Betemit

That's not all though, there's a pair of shiny Joe Johnsons:

Cool stuff, Thanks Ben!

This one came in out of nowhere from Jacobmrly. First though, here's the stamp:

Take Me Out To The Ballgame! Good stamp! Very appropriate. There was also a 17 cent stamp with a ram on it. I haven't figured out if that is representative of the St. Louis football team or Paul McCartney's best solo album. There was only one card in the envelope, but it was a doozy:

This is an insert from 2006 Flair Showcase. It looks like some sort of "Classic Moments from the World Baseball Classic" theme. Chipper had one, hitting a home run in his first tournament at-bat. I have never seen one of these things before and it's a great addition to the Chipper collection. Thanks Max!

Up next is a pile of stuff off my 1991 Topps wantlist from reader HookMan. He also mailed this off with some interesting stampage.

You guys need to start sending packages with boring stamps on them or this blog will end up becoming Philatelic Junkie. You guys think you're so cool, but these are MY stamps:

Chairman of the Board, baby! These stamps will fly your package to the moon! Wait, what were we talking about... Oh yeah, cards! I got five '91 Topps off my wantlist including Royal George:

Thanks Mark, every little bit helps!

Final package is from Daniel at Saints of the Cheap Seats. Speaking of wantlists, he knocked out a ton I needed. Including:

15 1979 Topps cards

With Kevin Bass smiling rookie card!

1 1983 Topps card

13 1991 Topps cards

and 14 1897 Donruss cards.

these put a big dent in the sets, I'm down to only needing two cards for my '83 Topps set and three for the '91 Topps set. There was also a handful of Braves cards filling out the pack that were either Bowman or chrome, or both as in the case of this Yunel card.

Great stuff as always, Thanks Ben, Max, Mark and Daniel!

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