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Monday, January 26, 2009

Poll's closed

The 2002 Just Prospects box beat Upper Deck by about 50 votes. I got 100 people to vote in the thing though! Here is a preview of what lies within courtesy my crappy little webcam. I'll start showing off actual cards tomorrow.

Here's the box! Shall we open it?

Hey, look at that! 95% of the box is taken up by a mini helmet! So where are the cards?

There they are! Let's take them out!

Wow, just a gold factory set. How is that going to keep us busy until Heritage comes out? Don't worry, it will...

And here is one last tease of the signed mini helmet. You didn't think I'd blow the big surprise on the very first post did you? Tsk tsk. You people have no patience.

Tomorrow night: same card-time, same card-channel... The first four or five cards from the 2002 Just Prospects Gold set! It's either four or five because I haven't decided if I want to do eight posts of five cards each or torture you a little more and do 10 posts of four cards each. You'll get actual cards tomorrow though, I promise!

1 comment:

Captain Canuck said...

I gots me an Adam LaRoche signed Myrtle Beach Pelicans helmet from this set on the 'bay for $8.....

Love it!!!