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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Mailday Wrap Up - 1/24/09

You will notice I am posting the 1/24 wrapup of mailday thingies on 1/25. This is because I have been off work all week and I have slumped into an unusual level of slackness. Normally my 24/7 high octane miasma of responsibility keeps me ultra caffeinated and itching to do something at every waking moment (and often several sleeping moments) ensures I've got plenty of posts up even if they are not the ones I originally planned to do n the first place. Now, after a week of videogames, webcomics and the American Dad DVD (with commentaries!) I got for Christmas, I'm all like, Cards? Posts? Meh. Even my normally tight writing style has become ponderous and lugubrious and that word doesn't even belong there. I think I'm ready to post again, maybe, but I'm not promising anything. So if you're reading this and the post is not actually there, that's me being lazy again.

Lots of stuff came in this week. First, two extra special ones that will get their own dedicated posts:

TribeCards' 12 Days Of Cardmas Package!

And a first edition pack of Phungo cards!

I'm not saying those packages are more or less worthy on gracing this post, I'm just saying they'll take a little more time.

Ok. First up is a package from out of the blue from Todd Querry. He is a long time reader who sent me some cards to help finish my still unfinished "The 792" posts. That project is still a massive conflict between my disappointment that I did not see it through and a relief that I don't have to paste together all those images. Laziness wins again! This time he sent a bunch of goodies off want lists:

19 cards for my 1984 Fleer set,

A messload 'o 2007 Goudey including:

Red back Utley that finishes off the red back set

2 Short prints

5 Heads Up short prints

3 Heads Up toon short prints

And some randomness including:

9 Topps stickers that makes me want to go out and buy the albums offa eBay

a pack of Topps American Baseball with absolutely Lovecraftian gum peeking out the bottom

a promo pack of '03 Fleer Tradition with Javy on the top

a '71 Knucksie that I have three of and the first person to comment that they want it can have it

and an utterly fantastic copy of Baseball Card News from 1985 that I will be poring over.

Todd sent a want list over and I found a few things he needed. Thanks again Todd!

Next up is a package from Russ at House of Cardboard. More stuff off my want list and some assorted cards to boot.

Five for the Heritage set

three for the '07 Goudey set

one for Timelines

One for the '07 Updates and Highlights set that people keep sending me stuff from that I really badly need to do a reality check on my want list for because it is all screwed up

and five Braves cards including CHIPPAZ!

Thanks Russ! One of these days I'll get pissed off at the Falcons again and send you four shoeboxes full of their cards so be patient and WAIT FOR THAT BLESSED DAY

Next! A big box of something from someone who requested anonymity. Thanks, $NICE_PERSON!

Up next is a package from reader Duane. Duane offered me some stuff of my wantlists but didn't specify anything he wanted in return. I offered him some cards to complete his '88 Donruss set and he filed a restraining order on me. Duane wasn't sure how to pack the cards but I gave him some pointers and see how well he did:

DUCT TAPE!!! Good job! Duane is serious about card safety! No dings on these cards. Here's what he sent:

twelve '84 Fleer

five '97 Donruss (how have these two cards eluded me for so long?)

a '92 McDonalds oddball of Dave Justice and a small pile of minor/senior league cards with Braves ties.


Two packs including this one from '89 Donruss. I'm going to rip this one on A Pack A Day soon and I'm not sure if I'd rather pull the Griffey or Lemke rookie more. Thanks Duane, send me that '88 wantlist!


I also got a box o' goodies from grcl for something I hopefully sent him already because I'm behind on sending stuff. This was a big box o' goodness so I'm not going to be able to show more than a tiny fraction of it, so I'll try to make it a good tiny fraction.

45(!!!) cards from my '84 Fleer wantlist

including this one especially for Dinged Corners and their infinity project

the '87 Donruss Clemente puzzle card that I thought I had but it was actually the box bottom card

And a completely ridiculous pile of Braves that is by itself larger than all other packages (except for the anonymous one which was insane) combined. There were instant Javy Lopez and Ryan Klesko collections. Here are six cards pulled completely at random from the box and not cherry picked for the best ones at all.

1995 Topps Traded Marquis Grissom - I did not have this card at all and am actually surprised that Marquis didn't have a card in the regular set.

1989 Donruss Mark Lemke rookie - Now I can root for that Griffey Junior card without guilt.

1977 Hostess Willie Montanez - There's nothing better than cards cut off the back of a box, unless you are the one cutting them off.

1992 Denny's Grand Slam Sid Bream - Holy crap this card is awesome. The Capitol dome is in the background! I would have gladly eeted a big pile of eggs and bacon for this card!

1996 Upper Deck Javy Lopez Rock Solid Foundation - SHIIIIIIIIIIINY!

2005 Topps Cyber Stats Ryan Klesko NLCS MVP - Klesko apparently hit two two-run jacks in his first two NLCS at bats to help Maddux get a win in game 1. The Braves swept the Dodgers in the series, which is why grcl was so glad to get rid of this card.

Thanks everybody! Now maybe I'll get off my butt and get more packages in the mail!



Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I call "shotgun" on the '71 Knuxie

dayf said...

It's your'n. It will arrive soon in a plain white envelope with a Frank Sinatra stamp on it.

dinged corners said...

McTastic infinity card.

Ashley said...

I have the entire 1992 Grand Slam Set plus some extras if you have any others you are interested in..