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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 Stupid Year In Review - Part 6: Dollar Packs

Maybe I should put a "Bring Back Topps Total!" graphic on my site. Then again, considering what happened to Stadium Club perhaps it's best that the set rests in peace.


Bay Rat North West said...

I can understand why people stopped buying Total. I picked up 2 boxes of 04 a few weeks ago and was stunned. Every card pulled from box 2 was the exact same, except for inserts and silver borders, as box 1. EVERY ONE. Even some inserts were doubled. I picked up the last 2 boxes the dealer had a week later. SAME THING. With coalition that bad I will not even bother to try for any other Total sets. Still 150 cards short after 4 boxes.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome "comic." Topps Total was awesome. It was great for set builders, and for those so inclined, it doubled as a game ...

That being said, I enjoyed First Edition a bit as I thought it was a pretty decent value for a buck. Opening Day on the other hands was a fucking mess. Some nice cards in there, but I still cannot figure out how in the hell the Opening Day card of Andruw Jones pictures him as a Brave while the regular Topps card shows him as a Dodger. It's the same photo, just photoshoped. I know OD came first, but that's a pretty lame excuse considering he signed his contract with Los Angeles in December 2007.