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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Topps Keeps Me Up At Night

I love the Mayo set, but Topps really screwed the pooch on the autogamers. I was looking around for an American Heritage box break on YouTube and I stumbled on Topps' official video for Mayo:

For the record, here are the autograph and relic hits shown off in the video:

Adrian Peterson autograph
Joe Paterno autograph
Charlie Sheen autograph
Willie Nelson relic
Vince Lombardi cut sig

Here's the list of cards actually inserted into the set.

Finally, here are those 5 cards with their actual packout status:

Adrian Peterson autograph - not there
Joe Paterno autograph - not there
Charlie Sheen autograph - not there
Willie Nelson relic - not there
Vince Lombardi cut sig - not there

Sorry Topps, but that just ain't right. I sure hope this doesn't bode ill for T51 Murad...

That's another set I was looking forward to... Please don't muck it up Topps!


tastelikedirt said...

No Charlie Sheen!? Why would anyone buy this product now?

stusigpi said...

Murad has gotten no love anywhere. Looks like it might be nice. Hopefully the quality is good. Topps has had its issues with that lately.

Matt said...

Oh man...Murad "looks" awesome. Whether or not that will be the case in actuality, we'll see.

The crown jewel of my Rutgers collection is my 1911 Murad t51 of Rutgers College, depicting a track athlete. To the best of my knowledge, it is the only tobacco card to feature my alma mater.
I am amazed that the Georgia didn't make the cut.