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Thursday, January 29, 2009

So, about Mayo...

That presell information was complete garbage. There is no Paterno autograph, there is no McLovin' card and (thankfully) no Gorton's Fishermen either. We do have this guy though.

This incident fills me full of dread and ennui. We have a very nice looking retro set that is reasonably well done, but because Topps couldn't get their act together on the autographs and promised the moon and the stars on the sell sheet, the whole thing looks like it will become the Edsel of football cards. I don't want Topps to lose their license or anything, but I'm also not happy that sell sheets can't be trusted anymore. I would have been sad if Mayo had gone the way of Sterling, but maybe Topps should have bit the bullet and waited another month to put this sucker out. At least 2009 Topps and Upper Deck hit shelves next week. I need something to distract me from the madness of the past few days. If any of you inveterate gamblers out there bought a case lookin' for the Graphs, I'll take some of those worthless commons from ya. I need me a Marconi card.

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