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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Box Break of the Year: 2008 Timelines - Packs 7-10

We're at the halfway point and there are so many questions... How many more Reds cards will I pull? Can I complete at least one subset with this box? Will I get another Brandon Boggs auto? How many gold parallels can Dayf stand before wigging out? Let's find out...

Pack 7:

32 Daisuke Matsuzaka
15 Jason Bay
89 Brian Barton RC
104 Chris Duncan '92
347 Kyle McClellan RC '94 SP
164 Derrek Lee '94
195 Jesus Flores '95
275 Hideki Matsui '04

This pack started out as the 2004 World Series Memorial pack. I needed all the Cardinals though. Red Sox are eeeeeeeasy to trade though. Solid pack with another Timeless Teams card I need.

Pack 8:

33 BJ Upton
98 Clayton Kershaw RC
113 Evan Longoria RC '92
YSL4697 Lou Piniella
362 Johnny Cueto '95 SP
156 Manny Ramirez '94
204 Rich Hill '95
289 Jake Peavy '04

From Sox/Cards to Rays/Dodgers. Plus a Cub, a Red and a Yank. I'm making everyone jealous right now. Actually I think the Cubs own this pack since the YSL card is Piniella and Peavy wants to be a Cub. Clayton Kershaw is the new hotness, isn't he? Nice to see the phenom taking a hack on the back of the card. I got one question though. Manny played, what, 50 games for the Dodgers last year? How the hell did he ruin his batting helmet so quickly? It looks like an elephant took a dump on that thing.

Pack 9:

6 Hanley Ramirez
42 Joe Mauer
53 Clay Buchholz RC
108 Craig Breslow RC '92
330 Alex Romero RC '93 SP
140 Chien-Ming Wang '94
186 Chris Smith RC '95
303 Evan Longoria RC '04

Halfway home. I'm not getting anything from the base cards, which was expected. I'm also not getting anything from the Heroes or '95 Minors subsets which is disappointing. I don't really car though, because I got the Longoria Timeless Teams card. Saweeeeeet. Another pair of Sox is in this pack. Have we figured out if Buchholz is good or lousy yet?

Pack 10:

24 Matt Holliday
43 Alex Gordon
71 Ross Ohlendorf RC
117 Greg Smith RC '92
41 Justin Verlander gold parallel
131 Randy Johnson '94
196 Joakim Soria '95
212 Randy Johnson '04

Ugh, another Gold card cluttering up my packs... This pack also screwed up my theory about gold card only being in packs with one base card. If this was the lone pack I purchased at the card shop, my reaction would have been a resounding Meh. At least I'm getting some subset cards I need. Two Units lead the pack. Man, is it going to be weird seeing him in a Giants uniform. Why couldn't the Braves have picked him up?? Sign him and Smoltz and Glavine and Maddux and Niekro and every game can be Old-Timers day!

The cards that I need per pack ratio is starting to dip. We're going to have to pick up the pace on the next group of packs.

Base cards - 16
Base Rookies - 10
1992 design - 10
1994 Heroes design - 10
1995 minors design - 10
2004 Timeless design - 10
1993 SP design - 3
1994 SP design - 3
1995 SP design - 2
Yankee Stadium Legacy - 2 - Don Baylor, Lou Piniella
Gold Parallel Base - 2 - Johan Santana
, Justin Verlander
Gold Parallel 1994 - 1 - Max Scherzer

Autograph - 1 - Brandon Boggs '95 Minors


night owl said...

It's disturbing how many non-Dodger fans are pulling Kershaw cards. But apparently, they're everywhere. I guess I just have to start wasting some money.

AdamE said...

Bulchholz is lousy. He had one miraculous game the year before last. Every other game he has pitched he got bombed. The only thing that I can figure is that he is somehow tipping his pitches and the whole American League figured it out after his no-no.

shanediaz82 said...

I seem to recall that the first couple of outings last year Buchholz was showing promise but it went to hell pretty fast.

I think the Sox might end up including him in a trade at some point...

DaveH said...

dayf - I just found out that not only did Brandon Boggs play for GA Tech but he also played HS ball at Pope HS in Cobb County.

FanOfReds said...

With the way you pull Reds cards I should have you open all my packs... I never seem to get any. However, I pull Fukudome every other pack it seems.