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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2009 LEMKEPALOOZA - 1992 Score

1992 Score. I always liked this set. Never cared for '93 or '94, but '92 looked good to me at least. Gotta love the purple and green color scheme at least. Let's rank this Lemmer. Here's the scoring key if you've forgotten it already.

Team logo on front +1 point
Batting pose +1 point
Dirt in mid air (it's hard to see, but there's a few specks flying down at the bottom by his right foot) +4 points
Eye black +1 point
Fans - I can make out that dude with the white hat and blue shirt with a big stripe so this card gets the bonus +1 points
Bricks in the wall +1 point for Pink Floyd reference
Might be a little peach fuzz on the chin, but the photo is too small to tell. 0 points

9 points on the front, let's check out the back.

Picture on the back +1
Five O'Clock Shadow +3 points
Big ol' clunky glasses! +8 points
Tinted lenses with Croakie! +2 points
Full career MLB stats, but the minor league stats aren't complete +1 point
Scrappy! Defensive! World Series! Triple! +4 points

See, I told you 1992 Score rocks! Nineteen points just on the back for a total of 28 points for the card. I hope you're looking forward to more Lemmers, cause I've got enough to post for the next two months!


night owl said...

1992 Score might be my least favorite Score year. But then you show the back -- those glasses! Wow.

Paul said...

I think that's a vendor in the blue shirt, but what do I know.

Get your hotdogs heeyaa.