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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Return of the Links

I haven't done this in about a month and some new blogs are piling up. A lazy Wednesday is a good day to knock this out.

Sully Baseball

I found this blog through a link on Baseball Musings a couple of weeks ago and it's becoming one of my favorites. It's more of a general baseball blog, but there are tons of cards all over it. Sully is currently in the middle of a series on all-time teams which is fantastic. We're also of a similar mind on many crucial issues of the day. Seriously, this is good. Check it out.

Walkoff Walk

A funny baseball blog I also stumbled upon because of Baseball Musings. Their BONILLA projection system is genius, and also shockingly accurate. Also: HOLYSHITIWANTHISCAP.

Baseball Musings

Ya know what, just click on that and find all these awesome baseball blogs for yourself.

The Sports Card File

A hundred other bloggers have linked to this blog already so I decided to wait a couple weeks and link it right when people were forgetting about it to maximize the effectiveness of my post. Yeah, that's the ticket. I didn't just put it off because I'm lazy! This is a blog about the baseball card industry from the inside. If you want to know the reasoning behind many of the desicions being made by Topps and Upper Deck nowadays (Like why the heck the UD screw up SP Legendary Cuts with a bunch of current players??) this is the place to go. Since people learn from failure, and knowledge comes from learning, it's safe to say that this could be the most knowledgeable blog on the internet. I mean, the guy created UD Documentary! Nuff said.

1972 Topps Blog

Another in a line of set-oriented card blogs. You people are not going to pull me into this, I swear. I am NOT starting another blog dedicated to a set. Nope, not gonna do it. I'll read yours though, I freakin' love this set. This blog has a lot of good writing and pop culture references in it too for all you nostalgia fans.

Seeds on the Dugout Floor

This one is all over the map which is awesome. For example: a slightly different Florida/Oklahoma matchup. I do have one quibble: this is not the original 44. THIS is the original 44.

Grand Cards

If you're going to collect a player, Curtis Granderson is a pretty dang good one to collect. And see? I'm not the only one who loves this set despite knowing for a fact that it's incredibly stupid.


I know I've dropped the ball on Auto-Matic. If it weren't for my contributors, the blog wouldn't even exist anymore. I'll get my act together one of these decades. In the mean time this is another excellent autograph blog with some pretty nice schtuff in there.

Rain of Error

This isn't a card blog per se, but it does get into cards occasionally. It's a nifty change of pace though. He certainly has cool taste in music! You can't read about cards all the time... can you?

Zistle Blog

I'll admit, I'm not sure what this is. It looks like Zistle will eventually be a card database or something, but I unfortunately have not had time to check out the Beta. Let's just file this under coming soon...

Now, all the links that are pit to frint:

Mark the Date: 2/4/09 - Topps Series 1 live case break. I don't feel bad about not busting a box the day of release to show off anymore.

2009 Topps Heritage Checklist. and the 2008 timelines checklist

Something to top off your 2008 Allen & Ginter set. In related news: holy crap***. That's a lotta people. In related related news: LOL and ROFL. Oh yeaaaaaah!

One more thing: it's not online yet, but if you are at the store, check out the magazine aisle and find this month's issue of Mad Magazine. Funniest cover in YEARS.

This is the issue of Baseball Cards Magazine that got me obsessed with the 1953 Topps set. I wish I knew what the heck I did with my copy.

One more reason why Mark Lemke is the best ever.

If you desperately want that Adam LaRoche jersey card with the red swatch, you better act quickly.

Oh dear Jesus, they're doing it in Europe now too...

Here's one for the comics fans: Superuseless Superpowers.

Ok, this article is extremely difficult to follow, but I think it basically says that all of space and time might be merely a holographic projection of the data encoded in the boundary of our 5 dimensional pringle-shaped universe. So if the universe is a hologram... then that means... UPPER DECK IS GOD. All glory to 1996 SPX!

***Saints of the Cheap Seats did that!!! SCIENCE! IT WORKS, BITCHES!!!

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Dan said...

Just a short note for you about the picture on PopSci.com: That is the telescope that I built. In fact, I just got that image today from the Program Manager in my email. Small world, or at least it looks that way from space!

(I align & test telescopes for ITT.)