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Friday, January 16, 2009

Zman Repack Box & Contest - Pack 2: 1989 Donruss

Here's the second pack, 1989 Donruss. The '88 donruss pack ended up with a May 1991 book value of $1.02. There are five cards in the '89 set that could beat that by themselves, all rookie cards. Sheffield, Alomar, Jeffries, Sabo and the Griffey. '89 Donruss got quite a few #1 and #2 rankings so the peeps are expecting some rookies out of this pack. Before we open this up, I need to post the Tuff Stuff trivia question. This is a three parter, each part is worth 1/2 point. You can answer just one or two of the parts if you want for partial credit.

There were five major manufacturers with sets out in May 1991. Donruss, Fleer, Score, Topps and Upper Deck. Three of them bought full page color ads in this issue of Tuff Stuff. Here are the questions:

1) Which two manufacturers did not place a full page ad in this issue?

2) Which manufacturer's ad took up three pages?

3) Which ad did not use a superstar autograph to promote their product in the ad?

Bay Rat North West is currently in the lead with one trivia point.

Here's the pack:

Spahnnie's eyeball 19, 20, 21 0¢
620 Stodd Tottlemyre 5¢
614 Dave Valle 5¢
608 Manny Trillo 5¢
602 Mike LaCoss 5¢
597 Scott Medvin 5¢
586 Van Snider 5¢
592 Jeff Blauser 5¢
583 Andy Hawkins 5¢
634 Dante Bichette 10¢
361 Marvin Freeman 5¢
625 Ernie Riles 5¢
619 Adam Peterson 5¢
607 Terry Clark 5¢
613 Kevin Brown 5¢
500 Checklist 2¢

Total Book Value: 77¢

Wow, that was... ugly. I counted Dante Bichette's rookie as a minor star and I was being extremely generous. Dante wouldn't break out with the Rockies for a few years yet. About half of the pack consists of double printed cards to boot. On the bright side, the checklist card was the one to get waxed up. Here's the three 'best' cards from the pack:

Dante Bichette RC

I always think of Dante as being a lot better than he was. He had an awesome season in 1995, but the rest of his career was as a pretty good outfielder at best. Rookie cards of All-Star players with 14 year careers aren't anything to sneeze at though. Plus, he reminds me of this kid from Home Movies.

Kevin Brown

Kevin was actually a pretty amazing pitcher, but he'll only be remembered for the Kevin Brown Rule: Never, ever, ever give a pitcher a 100 million dollar contract. EVER!

Van Snider

Van only had 35 total at bats in his career, but look at the gorgeous card he got for his efforts! Classic Pose! Matching red border! Rainbow seats in the background! Don't ever let anyone say to you that Donruss cards are ugly.

Tomorrow's pack is 1990 Score. It will be posted at 9:00pm sharp. You can still make your guess on the pack rankings, but it's a one point penalty until the Score pack is posted, then it becomes a two point penalty. that one point loss might have helped out those people who picked '89 Donruss #1 though. Also: don't forget to answer the trivia questions and the vote in the box break poll up top.

Trivia Answers:

Question 1: Topps and Donruss did not have a full page ad in the magazine. I didn't even see a small ad for either, but I might have missed it. Score had a Mantle lovefest though, something Topps would replicate 15 years later.

Question 2: Upper Deck had a three page spread all touting their "Find the Nolan" insert set. Night Owl takes the half point.

Question 3: Fleer actually advertised their cards and not the chance to pull one of 2500 autographs. Can ya believe it? I have new respect for this set.

Chris Harris picked up a full point by answering questions 1 and 3, Night Owl was in first with the answer to question 2. The trivia standings are as follows:

Bay Rat North West: 1
Chris Harris: 1
Night Owl: .5

Another pack and question(s) will be up tomorrow night at 9:00.


night owl said...

Wow, that was all kinds of ugly.

More guessery (I was out of college by '91):

Question one: Topps and Fleer
Question two: Upper Deck
Question three: Score

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

1 Topps and Fleer
2 Upper Deck
3 Donruss

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Just a side note, I absolutely LOVED '89 Donruss when it came out. I thought the design and sharp photography on the cards were absolutely gorgeous and I enjoyed feverishly ripping through packs as a kid.

Captain Canuck said...

that Blauser card is worth a buck... easy.

Also, if anyone needs/wants to trade '89 Donruss, I'm your guy...

dayf said...

Night Owl got question 2 right for the half point.

Questions 1 and 3 are still wide open.

madding said...

1: Score and Donruss
3: Topps

I have so many 89 Donruss cards that it makes me cry myself to sleep at night.

Chris Harris said...

1) Topps and D'Russ
2) Fleer

dayf said...

Chris got 'em... good job!

JOHN KLIMA said...

I believe the Dante Bichette photo was taken in Palm Springs where the Angels used to have Spring Training, for anyone out there who cares about such obscure, worthless knowledge. I remember that park - tin stands in Palm Springs. This is why no minor league team ever lasted there, because it would be like 145 degrees to sit there and watch a Cal League game. Later, the defunct Palm Springs Suns failed to observe history and made the same stupid mistake. They later relocated to Oxnard and went out of business, leaving the team bus stranded in the parking lot for several years after they skipped town. But at least they sold Ariel Prieto to the A's.

gcrl said...

hey dayf - can you send me that van snider card with the other stuff? it's a nice dodger stadium shot!