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Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Box Break of the Year: 2008 Timelines - Packs 11-14

Good news! Reader DaveH as informed me that Brandon Boggs not only played at Georgia Tech, but also at Pope High School in Georgia! So that makes the auto out of this box pretty cool as far as I'm concerned. The other 40 bloggers who have pulled the same card will have to find their own bliss. Could there be bliss in these packs? Blisster packs, perhaps? Let's find out!

Pack 11:

26 Randy Johnson
35 Roy Halladay
94 Brent Lillibridge
125 Paul Janish RC '92
311 Evan Longoria RC '93 SP
151 BJ Upton '94
209 Steve Holm RC '95
292 Justin Ruggiano RC '04

Man, am I on a Randy Johnson run. I got three of the big galoot in two packs. I'm also pulling Rays like crazy. How many Longorias in this box so far? This one's a short print too... At least I got a Brave. That I already had. That isn't actually a Brave any more. I couldn't decide which card to post other than the unscannable Longoria, so I went with the Janish to taunt all the Reds fans out there who are jealous of this box break.

Pack 12:

17 Ken Griffey Jr.
76 Greg Smith RC
107 Corey Hart '92
358 Clayton Kershaw RC '94 SP
171 JR Towles RC '94 Gold parallel
160 Matt Holliday '94
200 Micah Hoffpauir RC '95
306 Russell Martin '04

BARF. I hate J.R. Towles. I've gotten a ton of his cards in every single set this year including THREE '95 short prints from Timelines. Now I get another stupid foil parallel. I've also gotten multiple doubles of Hart and Hoffpower er Hoffpure um Micah. The rest of the pack kicks ass though, five more for the set including Griffey and short printed Kershaw. Reds and Dodgers and Rays are all over this box aren't they? Where are the Braves?!?

Pack 13:

1 Jose Reyes
67 Justin Masterson RC
101 Bobby Wilson RC '92
YSL4772 Ron Guidry
382 Bobby Wilson RC '95 SP
142 Albert Pujols '94
210 Travis Hafner '95
216 John Smoltz '04

Lucky 13. I've gotten three straight packs with a base cards I needed, that's pretty lucky. I'm getting reaaaaly close to a complete base set now. I finally got a Brave in Smoltzie. OH WAIT. Hold on, what does that say on the back? The veteran lefty? Shoot, the Red Sox can have him if his shoulder is so bad that he has to pitch with his other arm. The '95 SP cards look really nice although I don't know who Bobby Wilson is (or why I got two of him). I'll take the Yankee cards as long as they have an short print like that along for the ride. Guidry looks really old in his photo however. Steinbrenner must've wore him out. The Reyes and the Pujols cards look mighty nice too.

Pack 14:

37 Grady Sizemore
85 Rico Washington RC
110 Edinson Volquez '92
USA-MG Micah Gibbs USA Autograph
320 JR Towles RC '93 SP
154 Magglio Ordonez '94
192 Jay Bruce '95
230 Alfonso Soriano '04


I'm going on eBay, buying a "Who Shot JR" t-shirt, getting tickets for the Astros series at the Ted right behind home plate and I'm gonna just stare at him the whole damn series. JUST STARE AT HIM. GO AWAY AND TAKE YOUR CARDS WITH YOU. AAAAAHHHH

Oh hey! Look, an autograph. Of some USA Baseball guy. Looks like he plays for LSU. Well, we'll know if he's any good by 2015 I suppose. What's a future player doing in a retro product? Makes no sense. I got another base card I needed for the set, I need exactly one to complete it now. Two more Reds puts my total to 98 for the box.

Well, the box, she is dead. But there are four more packs to go! There could be a surprise yet!

Base cards - 21
Base Rookies - 14
1992 design - 14
1994 Heroes design - 14
1995 minors design - 14
2004 Timeless design - 14
1993 SP design - 5
1994 SP design - 4
1995 SP design - 3
Yankee Stadium Legacy - 3 - Don Baylor, Lou Piniella, Ron Guidry
Gold Parallel Base - 2 - Johan Santana
, Justin Verlander
Gold Parallel 1994 - 2 - Max Scherzer
Autograph - 2 - Brandon Boggs '95 Minors
, Micah Bowie Owings Mouse Gibbs USA Baseball


FanOfReds said...

I got the EXACT same two autos in my first box break of Timeline. I hope my second box yields two different players... Oh, for the record, I don't think I've EVER seen a box yield that many Cincinnati Reds cards - at least not any box of cards packaged in the 2000s.

Aron said...

what did JR ever do to you? he's a nice guy...what do you want for your astro dupes

Slette said...

Lord, that's the same USA guy I pulled too. I never knew he had such seperation issues from Brandon Boggs.

dayf said...


Out of about 18 short prints I've pulled in this set, five or six of them have been Towles. I hate short print doubles. I've also been pulling his cards like crazy all year. I even got two of the same jersey cards of Towles. Argh. Make me an offer I can't refuse and I'll send you some new Towels.

Bay Rat North West said...

Here I sit. Head in hands with tears streaming. "Why does a lousy Braves guy get all the Reds, Johnny Bench Baseball God on Earth? WHY!?
I bought a blaster today. Found a K-Mart. $7.50. 14 F'N CHICAGO NAT'L CARDS! NO REDS!

MMayes said...

J.R. Towles seems like a nice guy, but he and Brandon Backe got into some kind of feud with Albert Pujols this year..... Ask Brad Lidge. Not a good idea to get in a feud with El Hombre.

dayf said...

Twoles may be a saint, but he needs to stop eating up all my short prints with is doubles.

Where the hell are you finding $7.50 blasters?? Are these all KMarts going out of bidniss? All our Kmarts went bust a few years ago so I can't get clearance swag any more.