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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Whole Lotta Packs from zman40

Zman40 from Autographed Cards held a contest a little while ago and I ended up winning one of the prizes. I came closest to correctly guessing the number of autographs he collected in 2008. How'd I do it? Math. He gave a range of numbers to choose from and I picked a number that was exactly halfway between the highest number already chosen and the highest number possible. All that xkcd I've been reading has paid off! So, what did I win? A box very similar to this one that 30-Year Old Cardboard won. A couple more packs, a few less cards, but more or less the same.

Since this is basically just a giant repack box (and probably MUCH better than those TriStar "Find the '52" boxes) I'm going to treat it like a box and rip some of the contents for all you happy people out there. This will give me something to post wile waiting for the poll up there on the top right hand corner that you need to vote in to finish. It's actually tied with three days to go, so clear your cookies and vote a few more times. I'll rip these packs, then rip your choice, and by the time I'm finished with all that, it will probably be time for the '09 stuff to hit the shelves. Then I'll have to choose between Upper Deck, Heritage and Topps Attax. I'm not opening all the packs though. I've picked out a lucky 13 packs, and I'm saving the rest. I'm only going to open one pack of each type (with one exception), the dupes are going into the pile of stuff I give away as bonuses in trades and such.

Here are the ones I'm not opening:

1989 Topps Jumbo pack
I have a 1988 Jumo pack that I've saved for several years for a rainy day, this one will join it for 200 cards plus two glossy rookies of future goodness.

One third of a 1987 Topps rack pack
If you knew how much damn '87 Topps I have, you'd know why I am not opening any more packs from that set. One day I might open a full wax box or a vending box, but no more random loose packs for me.

Two 2007 Topps Series 2 six card packs
I got a junkload of this stuff too and I don't feel like chasing the Dice-K Japanese no sig version any more.

1990 Fleer pack and 1/3rd of a pack
I'm not opening more that one pack from any single set, so these get put aside. The rack pack has Curt Young on the front and a Giants sticker on the back for a nice Bay Area connection.

Three packs of Donruss: one from 1988, two from 1990.
I'll take the risk that there isn't a puzzle piece I need hiding in one of these packs.

There was also some extra nifty stuff in there too....

Zman got this card of Braves flopped prospect Kyle Davies signed in person at a game last year. I'm too chicken to pester people for autographs, so it's appreciated. Kyle is one in a long line of overhyped Braves pitching prospects that didn't pan out in the ATL. It's people like Kyle that makes the Braves message board commentors go apoplectic because he wouldn't give up Tommy Hanson in the Peavy deal. (But Hanson's different, I swear!)

Here's the Upper Deck Rip-Off version of those 1980-81 Topps Basketball cards I quit writing about when I realized that each post required 30-36 scans uploaded to Blogger. Zman sent a bunch of them, and I really dig these stupid things. UD isn't the only ones to rip this set off, Fleer has done it at least twice and Topps revisits it every so often as well.

Finally there was a signed index card of former Falcon punter Scott Fulhage. Falcon punters have traditionally been overworked so it's nice to see he had the strengh to sign. This was signed for some girl named Brandi. According to zman Scott signed this at an appearance at her school a while back, probably to explain how staying in school and saying no to drugs improves your hang time. Cool stuff, that is.

I'll start posting packs here and there when I get some time. Pick a number between 1 and 12 and I'll count down from the top of the pile of packs sitting on my desk and rip that one first.


DaveH said...

#10 - for Larry Wayne

night owl said...

I'll go with #10, too, for the Penguin.

Mark said...

I'll go with your logic--half way between the highest number possible and the highest number already chosen--pack 11 it is!

dayf said...

Ok, #10 is '88 Donruss. #11 is '89 Donruss. I'll open those two first and do #12, '90 Donruss after that for continuity's sake. I should have the '88 pack posted by this evening.


I thought I was fairly familiar with most most baseballcard packs but that Baseball Enquirer does not ring a bell. I'm at work at lunch so I can't do too much research.I would be interested in that wrapper and maybe one sample card if you don't want it.I will check your want lists. I'm sure I have plenty of Braves and Chippers to spare ! Thanks !